Creating The Perfect Entertainment Space With Custom Cabinetry

Creating The Perfect Entertainment Space With Custom CabinetryDo you love hosting friends and family at your home for dinners, events, or simply to watch the games on the weekends, but feel like you are lacking when it comes to providing a nice entertainment space? Well, our team at Danner’s Cabinet Shop is ready to help you create the perfect entertainment space with custom cabinetry. No one ever said that you need to spend a fortune to create this relaxing environment. With some simple enhancements, you can create a space that will make you feel proud when guests come over. (more…)

Choosing The Right Countertops

Choosing The Right CountertopsOne of the easiest ways to update and/or upgrade your kitchen is to have new, custom countertops installed. One of Danner’s Cabinet Shop’s specialties is helping you choose the countertops that fit your kitchen perfectly and that get you one step closer to living in your dream home. Our staff are highly trained professionals who understand the nature of the materials we offer for countertops and who apply their careful attention to detail to every project they work on. Countertops can make or break the look of your kitchen so let the professionals help. (more…)

Custom Cabinetry You Designed

Custom Cabinetry You DesignedWhether you are looking for new kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets or perhaps even a new entertainment center in your living room, Danner’s Cabinet Shop has got you covered. Our customized cabinets are made to order and designed specifically with you in mind. At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, you will not find an off the shelf cabinet that remotely comes close to the type of quality and workmanship that we deliver. (more…)

Functional Customized Kitchen

Functional Customized KitchenOh, the kitchen. It’s the heart of the home. It’s the centerpiece of your house. It’s where life is done an immeasurable amount. If you spend any time at all in your kitchen, it’s important for you to feel comfortable in it. At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, our only goal is for you to truly love the kitchen space that you are in. The best way to do that is customizing it to make it all your own. Here at Danner’s Cabinet Shop, we customize every single order we do. Whether you are trying to make your Minnesota kitchen more functional or just looking for an upgrade, Danner’s Cabinet Shop is here to help.

While the look on our customers’ faces when the job is done is priceless, designing the space for your new kitchen is a close second! Getting to design your space to your exact liking is awesome. (more…)

Custom Bookcases Builder In Minnesota

Custom Bookcases Builder In MinnesotaIn a time where the housing market is crazy and unpredictable, it can be an incredibly nice feeling to know that you are making the most out of the home you currently have. Whether you are short on space or perhaps have too much of it, custom built bookcases and built-ins can bring new life into your well-loved home. If you’ve been searching for a quality, reliable company to do your custom-built bookcases, look no further than our local shop here at Danner’s Cabinet Shop. (more…)

Skilled Custom Cabinetmakers

Skilled Custom CabinetmakersSince 1968, Danner’s Cabinet Shop has been building custom cabinetry for homes and businesses in Minnesota and the surrounding areas. Our custom cabinets are built exactly to your specifications. They can be fitted to a unique space to maximize functionality and give the area a new look. We believe that custom cabinets not only offer you the flexibility to choose the size, shape and color of your new cabinets, but they are also high-quality cabinets that will last for many years to come. We know that you can purchase generic, less expensive cabinets (more…)

Custom Cabinetry For A MN Home Renovation

Custom Cabinetry For A MN Home RenovationThe home renovation process is a big project that often feels like it will never end. There is a lot to think about during a home renovation and some of the details of the renovation get put on the back burner during the process. Your cabinetry is one of those parts of the renovation project that should not be glossed over. If you are in the process of a Minnesota home renovation, our team at Danner’s Cabinet Shop can take care of all your custom cabinetry needs. This custom cabinetry will help bring the overall look of your home together and will enable you to personalize every room in the home. (more…)

Custom Cambria Countertops In MN

Custom Cambria Countertops in MNWhether you are redoing a kitchen, bar or bathroom, one of the make it or break it finishing looks has to be your countertops. Countertops set the tone for the entire space. Although it is one of the last things installed during a renovation, it is guaranteed to be one of the first things you notice when you step into the room. At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, we install all different types of countertops in Minnesota. One of our favorite countertop products happens to be Cambria. Cambria is a natural, quartz surfacing product that gives off a beautiful, natural look. (more…)

Add Storage Space To Any Room In Your Home

Add Storage Space To Any Room In Your HomeNo matter how much we declutter in our homes, it seems like there is always more stuff laying around! Your home can be large or small and storage space is always at a premium. Rather than buying countless boxes, storage cubes and additional pieces of furniture for storage, you may want to consider custom cabinets to add storage and a new look to your space. Danner’s Cabinet Shop can take any room in your home and expand its storage capacity so that you can get more organized and decrease the clutter.

Custom cabinets in your home are not just for the kitchen. While our crew does many kitchen projects, we also enjoy helping families create ideal living space with ample storage options. We enjoy building bookshelves, entertainment units and other pieces of furniture that are made to fit your exact space. This means that even if your room has an unusual shape or you are trying to maximize storage from floor to ceiling, we can help. (more…)

The Top Trend in Bathroom Vanities 2021

Top Trend in Bathroom Vanities 2021 - Floating Vanities and SinksLet’s be honest…bathroom vanities get taken for granted. Just think about it. How many spaces in your home do you use every single day? The bathroom vanity is one of those features we spend time in front of and utilize more so than many others in our home.

We get dressed, apply make-up, brush our teeth, and check our overall appearance multiple times a day in front of this heavily used fixture. That’s a lot to ask of a single space. So, is your bathroom vanity holding up to all the ways you employ it every day—or could it do even more? (more…)