Custom Kitchen Island Table Combination

Custom Kitchen Island Table CombinationAre you looking to get the most out of your kitchen? Maybe you need some more counter space and a food preparation area along with some additional seating for guests in the kitchen. At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., we have the perfect addition to your existing kitchen that you’ve been missing. It is time for you to invest in our custom kitchen island table combination. This unique piece for your kitchen is really the best of both worlds. Additionally, it helps maximize the amount of space in your kitchen. Making all of your kitchen the family gathering place. (more…)

Paint Grade Cabinets 101

paint grade wood When creating custom cabinets for your new home, a decision that needs to be made up front is whether or not you plan to paint your cabinets. If you do decide to paint, deciding on the right wood is very important. Some wood material absorbs paint very well while others do not. As a homeowner it is not in your job description to have to know which wood is better than the other. That is where Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., can help! By teaming up with our highly experienced cabinet makers in Minnesota, we will be able to walk you through various wood options, including those that work well with paint. (more…)

Don’t Forget the Molding

Kitchen Cabinets by DannersCabinets are what help bring the look of a kitchen all together. Depending on the style kitchen you are looking for, cabinets not only provide storage, but they can also bring a unique look that can make your house truly feel like a home. One part of the kitchen cabinet process that often gets overlooked is the importance of molding. Living in Minnesota, you are in luck because Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc. offers a wide variety of custom cabinets with unique moldings that will help enhance the look of your kitchen. (more…)

One of a Kind Custom Cabinet Maker

Unique Functional DesignHaving custom cabinets can add a lot of value to your home and a look you cannot find by buying pre-made cabinets from Home Depot or another big box store. Working as a custom cabinet maker for many years serving the Minnesota community, we have worked on new construction and remodels to bring joy and the custom look you want.

Danner’s Cabinet Shop is a family owned and operated custom wood cabinet manufacturer that has been serving the Upper Midwest for more than forty years! Being a family business we have passed down our great skills to keep our business successful. We know that when we are contracted out to do work for our great clients in the north metro area, we understand that this is their home, and we want to make them 100% satisfied. Serving Anoka county and beyond, we can help provide you with the perfect kitchen, entertainment center or office that you have always wanted. (more…)

Functional Storage Cabinet Solutions

Custom Laundry Room Storage CabinetsWhether you’re remodeling a home, buying new furniture for a new home, replacing old furniture, or adding onto the old, finding furniture for your home is one of the best ways you can make it your own. But finding that perfect piece can often be a challenge. It’s not the right material, not quite the right size, not functional enough… the list of things you can dislike about a piece of furniture are endless, and it can make actually finding your perfect piece seem impossible. Particularly if you’re looking for storage solutions, finding attractive storage cabinets and furniture that suit your home and meet all of your storage needs isn’t a simple task.

You might think an entertainment center with six shelves at different heights and a space the size of your TV would be ideal, but finding that exact design isn’t the easiest. At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., we want to make sure you’re never disappointed with your options again. That’s why we build custom storage cabinet solutions in Ramsey, MN, providing functional storage cabinets throughout Minnesota. (more…)

Kitchen Custom Cabinets

Dream Custom KitchenLooking to upgrade your kitchen? One of the most noticeable ways to give your kitchen that face lift it has been desperately needing is through custom kitchen cabinets. At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., we are Minneapolis’ most respected cabinet makers around. All throughout Minnesota, when customers want kitchen custom cabinets, we are who they trust.

Kitchen is The Heart of the Home

The kitchen is the area of the home that families spend the most time in. (more…)

Custom Cabinet Ideas

Cabinets are a unique part of the household that can truly bring the look of a room together. Whether it is your kitchen, basement, bathroom, office or any other room in your MN home, our expert cabinet makers at Danner’s Cabinet Shop have plenty of custom cabinet ideas for you to choose from! If you’re more hands on, bring your ideas to the table and we’ll incorporate them into your custom cabinets. (more…)

Quality Custom Home Cabinets

Custom Kitchens By DannersWhen you think of cabinetry, you probably immediately think of your kitchen cabinets. You might even think of your antique china cabinet. But there is so much more to cabinetry than just the furniture and fixtures commonly referred to as cabinets. Cabinetry can be found and added throughout entire homes, from the kitchen to the bedroom. Whether you’re looking for a custom bookcase to add to your bedroom, a new vanity for your bathroom, a hutch for your entryway, or some other wooden addition, Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc. can bring your ideal cabinetry designs to life. When you choose to build custom cabinets, you can be sure every piece complements your home’s design, and our Minneapolis, MN custom home cabinet builders and designers will work with you to make sure your cabinetry has everything you need and want. (more…)

Built in Cabinet Company

Custom Built InsCustom built-in cabinets can really help enhance any room in your home, including a dining room, living room an office or more. At Danner’s Cabinet Shop in Ramsey, Minnesota we are here to design and build custom, built-in cabinetry for you and your home.

Choosing a custom cabinet allows each individual to have the freedom to design your dream space, and give you the most functionality that works for you and your family. When choosing custom cabinets you can choose a range of wood, color and style to create something beautiful to allow for the best quality cabinets to help make any room more beautiful. Custom cabinets not only provide you with the aesthetic beauty and space you are looking for, but because of our high standards we make sure that all of our products are of high quality and workmanship that you do not get from off the shelf cabinets. (more…)

Laundry Room Custom Cabinets Plymouth MN

Laundry Room of Your Dreams

Custom Laundry Room CabinetsYou can have the Laundry Room of Your Dreams with the assistance of Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc. We are the most respected name in Minnesota cabinetry because we provide Quality Workmanship that lasts. Our cabinets are hand made utilizing the skills of experienced craftsmen and women who never cut corners with quality. (more…)