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Custom Cabinet BuilderNow is a great time of year to consider making improvements to your home’s interior. And, many families struggle for storage space as they spend more and more time in a home. As the years go by, special belongings accumulate and the need for visually appealing storage options become more and more important to minimizing clutter. Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc. specializes in helping homeowners expand their residential storage options while not taking away from the overall look of the home. Our crew of highly skilled cabinetmakers are trained and experienced in the cabinet making process from beginning to end. This allows for our crew to offer many creative options that maximize the space you have available. Continue reading

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Custom Kitchen Cabinets Ramsey MN

Ramsey Minnesota Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing Quality Kitchen Cabinets

Recognize good kitchen cabinets when you see them. Read this list to determine if the ones you’re considering are high-quality or not worth the cash.

Kitchen Cabinetry Quality Indicators

No single item affects the look, cost, and longevity of your kitchen as much as cabinetry. Buying the cheapest available is rarely the best choice. Drawers soon wobble on their substandard guide hardware or fall apart altogether, and inferior finishes wear away. Unless the cabinet surfaces are solid wood or wood veneer, painting or refinishing will be difficult or even impossible. When comparing cabinets, ask about construction details and look for these signs of lasting quality: Continue reading

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Custom Built Stairway MN

MN Custom Stairway | Custom Woodwork

One of the best ways to transform your home and make it more attractive is to update your staircase. Changing your staircase instantly seems to set the tone for the rest for the rest of your home that not only is a beautiful show piece but it can open your home, making it seem more spacious and luxurious, while adding significant value. Continue reading

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Custom Cabinets MN | Kitchen Design

Minnesota Custom Cabinets | Custom Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen — unlike most other rooms in the home — is a workplace. The job of preparing, serving and cleaning up after meals gets done there. Making that environment fit you is a most critical factor in your satisfaction with your kitchen. Continue reading

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Custom Garage Cabinets For The Perfect “Man Cave”

Custom Garage Cabinets

Every man deserves his own private sanctuary – a place where he can sit back, put his feet up and relax! A place where he has total control over the remote control, where his buddies can come and hang out, where he can snore as loud as he wants, without offending everyone within a 50 feet radius! This place has been affectionately dubbed “The Man Cave”!

Custom cabinets are the best way to utilize the space in a garage. Many homeowners find themselves in need of extra storage, but there are no available closets or space in the basement or attic. An expert cabinetmaker can provide modern solutions to an age-old problem to update your home by adding attractive storage space to an outdated and cluttered garage.

A consultant will evaluate your space and design a plan to utilize every square inch to the maximum. You’ll have room for your vehicle without concern over hitting the doors. In fact, you can re-design your garage to give you the most usable space possible. With custom cabinets, your garage can become a much-needed storage room, and you won’t have to worry about moisture or pests of any type getting into your valuables.

Custom Garage Cabinets Increase Storage

In addition to the convenience of more storage, custom cabinets will add to the appearance of the room. By utilizing some solutions for cleaning up garage clutter, you can add value to your home as well. Whether you need the storage for yourself, or you need to update your home to sell, custom garage cabinets are a wise investment.

All this using specialized cabinet software that provides clients with drawings to their specifications.  They can draw up the design for you or help you design a cabinet based on your ideas, sketches and measurements.  They can also sell, build and install countertops from laminate, granite, and a variety of other solid surface materials.

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Reface, Replace, or Restore Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen is likely one of the most significant focal points in your home. A hub of activity or the central command center for many households; it’s the room where everyone gathers when friends and guests are over. It’s where that apple pie aroma or fresh coffee brewing emanates. Besides our own nesting instincts to spend time in our kitchens, kitchens are, no doubt, a main selling point of a home for many potential buyers. The comfort, coziness, functionality, practicality, and “updatedness” of your kitchen will either make or break a home sale in many instances.  If you plan on staying in your home for a long time, maybe you are tired of looking at your cabinets or appliances. Depending on the age of your kitchen and whether you plan to stay or move, you may feel that only parts of your kitchen or the entire kitchen is in need of a facelift! The question many homeowners ask… should they reface, replace, or restore their cabinets? There are things to consider to all of them.  The answer you ultimately choose depends on several factors.

Reface Your Cabinets

For the homeowner who wants a more dramatic change but would like to avoid the time and expense of a complete remodeling project, cabinet refacing is a great option. The existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts are replaced with custom-made solid hardwood or high-grade laminate doors. Cabinet boxes are covered with matching hardwood plywood or veneers.  There are many different wood types and wood combinations homeowners can choose from.  Most refacing projects are completed very quickly in three to four days, a desirable option resulting in minimal inconvenience. With this option the homeowner never loses use of their kitchen. As for cost, this is also minimal, yet produces a brand new look and feel for your kitchen, which in many cases, is exactly what was needed.   Are you putting your home on the market? Many homeowners decide that Cabinet Refacing is a great, cost effective solution to giving their kitchen just the kind of refreshed look it needs.

Replace Your Cabinets

For the homeowner who wants a complete kitchen makeover, completely replacing your cabinetry with fine custom cabinetry might be what you need to satisfy your need for change. This option allows you to address beyond the fronts and sides of your cabinets. Then you have the added flexibility to include additional pieces you may not have had before, like slide outs, corner units, etc. changing the look and functionality of your kitchen. To help you learn what is available for styles, colors, and materials, you can benefit from working with experienced designers and craftsmen. Using the latest advanced computer design software helps guide you through your cabinet replacement process incorporating your individual needs, preferences, and lifestyle choices.  Replacing your cabinets can help you create a whole new unique kitchen environment while avoiding an entire kitchen remodel. The cost can be slightly more than refacing your cabinets, but significantly less than a complete remodeling makeover of your kitchen.

Restore Your Cabinets

Some homeowners are very satisfied with the color, style, and geography of their kitchens but recognize that time and use have taken their toll on their cabinets. Some of the signs that your cabinets might need reconditioning are stubborn build-up (grease and grime) on the wood, the stain or finish has worn away, hinges or hardware are weak or broken and lastly, there is minor damage to your cabinets. If the wood looks worn, but the cabinets don’t need to be replaced, you can choose a restoration process to solve this problem. This multi-step process uses proprietary cleaners and oils to restore the cabinets’ luster, concealing or repairing damaged areas, and restoring cabinets to their original beauty.  The same restoration process is effective on all wood products, paneling, furniture, staircases, etc.  Since the kitchen is often a main selling point, home sellers can often shorten their ‘on the market’ time through a kitchen restoration process instead of a major renovation.  Apartment owners can reduce maintenance costs while image conscious businesses can proudly display their fine wood décor. Cost-wise, of course, depending on the amount of wood being restored, this is usually the least expensive option to making your wood look refreshed and new.

To learn more about each of these options, you can contact your local cabinetmaker. They would be happy to answer all your questions. Ask to see some before and after photos.   You will be amazed at how you can transform your kitchen.  Call today and schedule a free, no obligation in-home consultation.  Choose the option that works best for you. You will be on your way to a brand new kitchen!

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Custom Cabinets

Hickory CabinetsLooking for custom cabinets in Minneapolis, MN? At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, we have been your family owned and operated custom wood cabinet shop, serving Minneapolis for over 40 years. Placing our focus on our customer’s wants and needs and delivering a quality, unbeatable product has made us Minnesota’s most respected cabinet maker around. If you are looking for custom cabinets in Minneapolis, start and end at Danner’s Cabinet Shop. Continue reading

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MN Custom Cabinets and Woodwork

Custom Cabinets MN

Are you tired of putting off that home improvements project while waiting for the economy to perk up? You’re definitely not alone. After some pretty turbulent economic times, homeowners who have ridden out the storm now face a greater need to tackle those remodeling projects they’ve put off for so long. Continue reading

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Quality Custom Cabinets May Not Be As Expensive As You Think

Quality Cabinetry …Your Way

One of the most dramatic ways to give your kitchen a new look is to change your cabinets. When you start to plan your upcoming project that involves cabinets, take the time to visit a cabinet shop.  The owner will gladly offer suggestions for your custom cabinet design.  You want to glean from him any tips, suggestions and clever solutions he’s accumulated over the years, as he has solved problems for other customers.  Many custom cabinet builders have a vast amount of photos of the cabinets they have built.  Looking at those photos may stimulate an idea or two. Continue reading

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Custom Cabinets Versus Store Bought


So, we aren’t going to lie. It’s hard to go to a store, see a cheap advertisement for highly manufactured cabinets and not automatically assume that they won’t work in your space. Nope, it’s actually quite frequent that homeowners looking to remodel will go in with the idea that they’ll get something store bought and be fine. However, the reality is that there are a ton of drawbacks to your standard, store bought cabinets. After all that time wasted, many wise customers choose to get something custom made. This is where we come in. Serving the upper Midwest for over forty years, our team at Danner’s Cabinet Shop is your family owned and operated custom wood cabinet shop that is ready to customize your next remodel. Continue reading

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