2022 Entertainment Center Design IdeasThe entertainment center isn’t just a place to hold your TV and keep wires out of sight. Today, homeowners want much more. Custom built-in entertainment centers should add beauty, style, and functionality to your space. This is the opportunity to showcase your favorite collectibles, latest electronics and provide an elegant display for books & artwork too.

Create a list of items along with their dimensions, that you want to place in the entertainment center to ensure that there is enough shelf and cabinet space in your design. Consider integrating your TV into existing structures, like above the fireplace with a few built-in shelves. Entertainment centers should not be overly busy or feel heavy in your room. Incorporate millwork or other architectural features that are elsewhere in your home into your design. Think beyond the TV and use the space to store games, craft supplies, books, and more.

Consider AV Equipment

Electronics require ventilation and may have components or cords that you want to conceal. Built-in entertainment centers can be designed for both function and aesthetics. Shelving can be customized to fit almost any size TV or equipment, and doors can be added to conceal clutter (or even the TV) and protect contents when not being used.

Media Equipment Storage

Storage for TVs, DVRs, DVD players, and cable boxes should allow for proper ventilation. Never stack these components! Space them out on shelves a few inches apart so they will not get too hot. If you plan to place these items inside cabinets, you may need to consider vents in the back to allow for airflow.

Creating A Home Theater Experience

To create that coveted surround-sound effect, your room will need at least five speakers. Two or three of these speakers can be installed within the entertainment center depending on its size and the size of your room. Speakers can be camouflaged behind a fabric screen or uniquely integrated into your home decor.

Displaying Artwork And Collectibles

Storing and displaying collectibles can be a challenge as they can either create visual interest or create clutter. Collectibles look best displayed in entertainment centers with open shelving or cabinets with glass doors. Integrated lighting can be added to create a focal point and really help to showcase your display pieces.

Custom-Built Cabinetry In Minnesota

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