Are you looking for a beautiful one of a kind gift this Christmas season?

Think about a custom handcrafted piece of furniture or toy. Maybe a children’s toy box, chest or rocking horse. Built to last a lifetime. They are the perfect way to give an heirloom gift that is sure to last a lifetime and beyond. Each and every one is handcrafted for your child. They are extremely durable so they last long enough for your kids to pass on to their kids, and on and on. Designed safely for children.

Heirloom quality built to last a life time

The presence of these children’s toy boxes need not end with childhood.  Because each creation is custom made by hand, they will last for a very, very long time.  They can travel with a child from your family to when they have their own.  This is a priceless way to pass on a legacy to your children so that they always have a piece of their childhood to keep with them.  Each custom made toy box or piece is made to be used and abused and will surely stand the test of time.
Handcrafted heirloom furniture provides more beautiful storage and display options than ever. Children’s toy boxes, chests, rocking horses, are especially popular right now.
Do you see the value in a piece that lasts for generations?  So do we. A toy chest is such an integral part of a child’s life and many will become a family heirloom. Your sense of style and personal touch will go into a custom made toy box, chest, rocking horse, and will be valued for years to come.
A toy box is very often a child’s favorite destination, storing favorite toys and treasures…many toy chests will become family heirlooms. They are the perfect way to give an heirloom gift that is sure to last a lifetime and beyond.

Custom toy boxes will be appreciated by your little ones, and your bigger ones, too, for their timeless, traditional beauty. A custom built toy box, personalized with care, is also a wonderful choice to give when loved ones welcome a new baby into their home!