Benefits Of Built-In Living Room CabinetsWhen it comes to living room storage, you have two main options – free-standing and built-in living room cabinets. Built-in cabinets are the perfect way to remodel your living room while gaining more space. If you’re not sure they’re right for you, consider calling Danner’s Cabinet Shop to discuss how custom cabinetry can benefit you.

When you buy free-standing bookcases and cabinets, it’s impossible to get the exact fit for your space, typically being left with gaps that could have been used for prime storage. Built-in cabinets are custom-built specifically for your space. They are made to fit within or along the wall, meaning they can be built around existing features, such as a fireplace and mantle. When installed, they look like they’ve always belonged there. Even in more unusual areas of your living room, built-ins fit perfectly!

Larger Room Appearance

While there are plenty of creative ways to get more storage out of smaller spaces in your home, built-in living room cabinets give you storage while making your room seem larger. Since the cabinets are made to fit your space and storage needs, there’s no wasted space. The cabinets are also flush against the wall, making the storage seem more compact, even while giving you more overall storage space.

Seamless Blend

Handcrafted, built-in storage cabinets blend seamlessly into your home, creating a more organized look instantly. Plus, you won’t have to worry about trying to find matching bookcases when one wears out or you need to replace a cabinet. As built-ins, they’re made to match the style of your space.

Customized Storage Needs

Unlike free-standing cabinets, you don’t have to settle for limited sizes, standard spacing between shelves, and cabinets that won’t quite fit what you need. Instead, built-in living room cabinets are completely customizable. You may prefer to turn part of your cabinets into an entertainment center. This means adding room for a TV, gaming consoles, modem, cable box and more, plus fitting in ways to hide all the cables. All of this is easy to customize. After all, it’s your storage and it should fit the needs of your living room.

Consider the amount of time that you and your family spend in your living room or den. It makes sense to invest in unique built-in cabinets that will fit perfectly in your home. When it comes to customized cabinetry, there’s no better team in Minnesota for you to partner with than Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc. To learn more about our custom built-in cabinet options, give us a call today at (763) 753-4002 or email