Built-In Cabinetry For Every RoomIf you’re currently looking for a way to make the interior of your home stand out, built-in cabinetry is something that you should strongly consider. With built-in cabinetry from the expert cabinet craftsmen at Danner’s Cabinet Shop, you’ll not only be installing cabinetry that will be functional, but you’ll also be creating custom details in your home that will become conversation starters thanks to the high quality custom craftsmanship that’s synonymous with our company. Please…do not take our word for it, ask our customers.

Wide Array of Built-in Cabinetry Options

At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, we feel strongly that any room in your home can benefit from built-in cabinetry. Below are just a few of the rooms where we routinely install built-in custom cabinetry:

• Kitchen
• Den / Study
• Bedroom
• Bathroom
• Family Room
• Playroom

As you can see there’s really no room in your home that couldn’t benefit from a beautiful custom built-in set of cabinets from the team at Danner’s Cabinet Shop.

Benefits of Built-in Cabinetry

Below are just a few of the ways that built-in cabinetry can help to add depth and function to your home.

Define different zones – Instead of adding walls, or furniture, built-in cabinetry can be used to create different zones within your home. Islands are often used to create a border between a dining and kitchen area, but larger built-in cabinets can also be used to separate rooms.
Take advantage of area under the stairs – Have you ever thought that the space under your stairs is wasted? Well, with built-in cabinetry you can finally use that wasted space to store a variety of different items that otherwise would clutter your home.
Organize play areas – If you’re like most parents, you’re constantly asking your children to put their toys away. With built-in cabinetry you can ensure that there is always a place for each and every toy that your children bring out 100+ times each day. While we can’t help you in terms of teaching your kids to be more organized, we can handle the cabinetry!
Contain all of your media equipment – With today’s large screen TV’s, media devices, cable modems, wireless routers and other equipment, your TV area can quickly become out of control. With a built-in entertainment center you can ensure all of your devices have a place and that they’re tucked away from prying eyes.

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