Kitchen Cabinets and CountertopsLooking to create the kitchen of your dreams? No need to go out and buy an entire new house, just for an updated kitchen! Instead, if you live in Minnesota, team up with the experienced craftsmen from Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., to help create the perfect cabinets and countertops for that kitchen that you have always dreamed of. We can help turn your kitchen ideas into reality using our one of a kind cabinets, diverse colors and finishes, as well as the part that brings it all together.

Countertop Material Options

When it comes to choosing your countertops, there are three major players that you should consider and evaluate their advantages and disadvantages. These materials include:

  • Cambria – Our number one recommendation for countertop material is Cambria Quartz. The main reason for this is because this material is virtually maintenance free and is offered in nearly every color imaginable. The negative with Cambria is that its strength comes with a larger price tag.
  • Formica – Formica laminate material is very affordable, easy to clean and also comes in a wide range of colors. Formica is not quite as strong as Cambria, is not heat resistant, does not have as long a life and does not have as pure a look as natural stone.
  • Granite – Granite is another high end material that is often used as a countertop. Granite countertops are scratch resistant as well as heat resistant, which is great for food prep and cooking. The biggest drawback with granite is that it does require annual sealing. Additionally the lighter colored granite may develop stains over time. It is very difficult to repair granite, so taking great care of your countertops should be a high priority.

The Danner’s Touch

Living and breathing the kitchen improvement industry for over 4 decades, Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., can be your source of guidance every step of the way. We understand that choosing the right cabinets and countertop material for your home may be intimidating. That is why we make it a point to listen to your dreams, and give you guidance on the best way to make those dreams a reality! Serving Minnesota for over 40 years, we are convinced that you will be ecstatic once we finish getting our hands on your new kitchen.

So, if you live in Minnesota and are ready to create the kitchen that you have always dreamed of, now is the time to call Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., at (763) 753-4002 to set up a consultation. We will not only help build your custom cabinets but we can also help you decide on the perfect Cambria, Formica or Granite countertops that will tie your entire kitchen together.