Custom Wood Cabinets To Organize Your Home

Custom Wood Cabinets To Organize Your Home Many of us have spent lots of extra time in our homes over the last two years. You have likely had time to examine each and every room and probably have developed a list of many home improvement projects that you would like to tackle. One thing that often comes up for homeowners is adding new ways to organize and store things around the house. Danner’s Cabinet Shop can help you improve the organization and storage options in your home. If you want more storage in your kitchen, family room, bonus room, bathroom or bedroom, we can help. (more…)

Benefits Of Built-In Living Room Cabinets

Benefits Of Built-In Living Room CabinetsWhen it comes to living room storage, you have two main options – free-standing and built-in living room cabinets. Built-in cabinets are the perfect way to remodel your living room while gaining more space. If you’re not sure they’re right for you, consider calling Danner’s Cabinet Shop to discuss how custom cabinetry can benefit you. (more…)

Kitchen Cabinets In Your Historic Home

Kitchen Cabinets In Your Historic HomeInstalling new kitchen cabinets is one of the best ways to bring an older kitchen back to life. If you live in a historic home, the cabinets could be well out-of-date. Danner’s Cabinet experts can help you maintain the look of the historic kitchen in a great way to pay homage to the home and enjoy a modern kitchen with an old fashion style.

Restoring a kitchen to work in the modern world and still retaining its old-world charm requires custom cabinets. Your home wasn’t built to match all the other homes along your block. You will not find cabinets to fit from your big box store. In its original state, there may have been no cabinets that were attached to the walls, no refrigerator, and certainly not a modern stove. If you are maintaining the integrity of the historic home, you want to bring back the period of the home (more…)

Custom Cabinetry For The Whole Home

Custom Cabinetry For The Whole HomeAre you looking to make your existing home more personal? Do you feel like the inside of your home looks just like the rest of your neighbors? One way to personalize your existing home without having to break the bank account is to consider custom cabinetry for your home. Serving Ramsey, MN and the surrounding area, let our team at Danner’s Cabinet Shop get to work on your custom cabinetry throughout the home. (more…)

Custom Built Bookcases In 2021

Custom Built Bookcases In 2021Truthfully, there is something so timeless and iconic about quality made bookcases. Bookcases naturally bring an elegant charm into any space. Additionally, they are quite functional! So, whether you want bookcases to store an entire library in one space or you are looking to upgrade your room into an entire entertainment area, custom built bookcases are the perfect choice for you and at Danner’s Cabinet Shop, we can create exactly what you need right here in the shop! Give us a call and you can talk about your ideas with one of our designers. (more…)

Add Storage Space To Any Room In Your Home

Add Storage Space To Any Room In Your HomeNo matter how much we declutter in our homes, it seems like there is always more stuff laying around! Your home can be large or small and storage space is always at a premium. Rather than buying countless boxes, storage cubes and additional pieces of furniture for storage, you may want to consider custom cabinets to add storage and a new look to your space. Danner’s Cabinet Shop can take any room in your home and expand its storage capacity so that you can get more organized and decrease the clutter.

Custom cabinets in your home are not just for the kitchen. While our crew does many kitchen projects, we also enjoy helping families create ideal living space with ample storage options. We enjoy building bookshelves, entertainment units and other pieces of furniture that are made to fit your exact space. This means that even if your room has an unusual shape or you are trying to maximize storage from floor to ceiling, we can help. (more…)