Custom Built Bookcases In 2021

Custom Built Bookcases In 2021Truthfully, there is something so timeless and iconic about quality made bookcases. Bookcases naturally bring an elegant charm into any space. Additionally, they are quite functional! So, whether you want bookcases to store an entire library in one space or you are looking to upgrade your room into an entire entertainment area, custom built bookcases are the perfect choice for you and at Danner’s Cabinet Shop, we can create exactly what you need right here in the shop! Give us a call and you can talk about your ideas with one of our designers. (more…)

Add Storage Space To Any Room In Your Home

Add Storage Space To Any Room In Your HomeNo matter how much we declutter in our homes, it seems like there is always more stuff laying around! Your home can be large or small and storage space is always at a premium. Rather than buying countless boxes, storage cubes and additional pieces of furniture for storage, you may want to consider custom cabinets to add storage and a new look to your space. Danner’s Cabinet Shop can take any room in your home and expand its storage capacity so that you can get more organized and decrease the clutter.

Custom cabinets in your home are not just for the kitchen. While our crew does many kitchen projects, we also enjoy helping families create ideal living space with ample storage options. We enjoy building bookshelves, entertainment units and other pieces of furniture that are made to fit your exact space. This means that even if your room has an unusual shape or you are trying to maximize storage from floor to ceiling, we can help. (more…)

Custom Cabinets Built For Any Room

Custom Cabinets Built For Any RoomHome renovation is something that many homeowners dream about. At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, our team is here to help turn those renovation dreams into a reality. No matter what room in the home you are looking to renovate, our staff can help. We offer custom cabinets built for any room in the home. These cabinets are durable, long lasting, unique and can help you better utilize the space in your Minnesota home.

Say goodbye to the mass-produced cabinetry that doesn’t hold up well overtime and say hello to personalized cabinetry that is built to last. (more…)

Custom Entertainment Center Options

Custom Entertainment Center OptionsWhen you are trying to relax and enjoy some downtime in your living room, do you find yourself distracted because of the mess and abundance of cords that feel like they are taking over the room? Your living room is supposed to be a room in your home that offers peace and relief from the hustle and bustle of your life. If it’s constantly dirty and not organized, you may find yourself spending less time in this part of your home. The good news for you is that our team at Danner’s Cabinet Shop has a solution for you. We are proud to offer custom entertainment center options (more…)

Custom Built Bookcases For Your Home

Custom Built Bookcases for your HomeWhen asked what drives them most crazy about their home, most people say clutter. If you have lived in a home for an extended period of time, you likely have belongings that just do not have a place. As time marches on, you accumulate things that are important to keep, but we do not always have the perfect place to store these items. Danner’s Cabinet Shop can build you custom bookcases that are ideal for a family room, office, bedroom or basement – anywhere you need some additional storage space. Bookcases can be an ideal place to store many keepsakes (more…)

Benefits of Installing Custom Wood Cabinets

Benefits of Installing Custom Wood CabinetsIf you have been considering a home improvement project this year, custom wood cabinets should be on the list. There are many important reasons to add beautiful custom cabinets to your home’s kitchen, bathroom, family room or basement. Danner’s Cabinet Shop specializes in the design and installation of high-quality cabinets for homes in the Ramsey, MN area. Our team will design your new cabinets to fit your families life style.

Here are some of the many benefits of installing custom wood cabinets in your home this year: (more…)