Custom Bar For Entertaining This Holiday Season

Custom Bar For Entertaining This Holiday SeasonYou might be one of the millions of Americans that are planning to host people over your home during the holiday season. Perhaps you have a great space that you’d like to re-invent for entertaining guests. Whatever your reason, custom designed bars are a great option for those that would like to have an additional space for beverage storage/serving in their homes. If this describes your situation, read on to learn about what it takes to get that perfect space implemented in your home.

Location within the home and intended usage: Think about where in your home you envision having a bar. Then, think about what your intended use is. Do you see it more as storage for glasses and bottles? Do you plan to make and serve beverages? (more…)

Tips to Designing a Custom Dry Bar

Tips to Designing a Custom Dry BarIf you love to entertain, consider adding a custom dry bar to your entertainment space. After all, having a designated space for storing, crafting, and serving cocktails to your guests is the ultimate in entertaining! Turn your home into an entertainer’s dream with a stunning dry bar! Your place will be the spot where the party happens, and memories are made (or made to be forgotten). One thing is for sure, you’ll never forget how excited you are to have your dream bar right in the comforts of home. (more…)

Things To Consider When Designing Your Custom Bar

Things To Consider When Designing Your Custom BarSo, you want to add that bar area you have always dreamed of and have decided that custom cabinets are the way to go. Custom bars are perfect for those that would like an additional zone for beverage storage in their home. At the very least, a bar area is simply a separate zone to store glassware, alcohol, wine, and any other necessary components to mix the perfect cocktail. Here are some tips, tricks, and things to consider if you are in the planning phase of designing your perfect bar area:

Think about its intended usage. Is this simply a storage area? Is this an entertainment zone? Is this a place to craft perfect cocktails? Consider the placement of the bar (arguably, the most important decision). Where would my ideal bar be in my home? (more…)

One Of A Kind Custom Built Bar

One Of A Kind Custom Built BarIn an age where home is not only desired but necessary, spending time at your house should no longer be comfortable but also entertaining. If you have the extra space in your home, take advantage of your square footage and put in that custom bar you’ve always wanted! At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, we are here to make all of your pub-at-home dreams come true. Dedicated to creating the perfect atmosphere, personalized to your liking, we want to design and build your personalized bar space. (more…)

Custom Built Bars

Custom Built Bars By Danner's Cabinets in MNIt’s no secret that 2020 has made us all reevaluate our homes. As we have all stayed within our own living spaces and divulged over updates to do in our own homes, it has been incredibly fun to watch homeowners bring old spaces back to life. A custom built bar brings the party right into your living space. If you are searching for a way to spruce up your space in MN, a custom built bar from Danner’s Cabinet Shop may be just the ticket. At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, we love fun projects like custom built bars. Whether you have a basement you are looking to liven up or an entertainment area that is missing that special something, Danner’s Cabinet Shop is here to make your space complete. (more…)

Custom Cabinets For Your Whole Home

Custom Mudroom Cabinets MNIf you ask most homeowners for one thing they could add to their existing home, many would say additional storage.  It is difficult to anticipate how much storage you will need when you purchase your home, but as your family grows and as years pass, you accumulate more than you could ever imagine. Even if you home was not built with an attic, basement or enough closet space, you can still add storage to your home.  Danner’s Cabinet Shop has been building and installing custom cabinets in homes and businesses in the Upper Midwest for more than four decades.  We can help design cabinets for any room in your home (more…)