Remodeling Projects That Include Custom Wood Cabinets in Corcoran

Remodeling Projects That Include Custom Wood Cabinets in CorcaranIf you are considering remodeling an area of your home – your kitchen, a bathroom, a home office or your family room – custom cabinets might be an excellent thing to consider to add a unique and functional touch. Custom cabinets can transform a space that you have looked at for years into something new and exciting. Danner’s Cabinet Shop is a local business specializing in designing, building and installing custom cabinets to our clients’ exact specifications. We are located in Ramsey, Minnesota and have more than fifty years in this business. We have worked with many local families and business owners to create custom cabinets that can literally transform a room.

Some of our favorite projects are the most (more…)

Why Invest In Custom Cabinetry For Your Monticello Home

Why Invest In Custom Cabinetry For Your Monticello HomeIf you’re looking to upgrade the look and feel of your home, you likely have thought about new cabinetry. Whether it’s new kitchen cabinets, new bathroom cabinets, or new built-ins throughout your home, cabinetry is a focal point of any home renovation. At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, we design and build custom cabinetry for clients all over the Twin Cities area. Throughout our decades of experience in the industry, we’ve found that many of our client’s value custom cabinetry instead of the cookie-cutter-style cabinets that can be purchased from big box stores. (more…)

Pro Tips For Maintaining The Cleanliness Of Your Custom Cabinetry

Pro Tips For Maintaining The Cleanliness Of Your Custom CabinetryMany homeowners spend countless hours poring over the many choices of styles, wood type, color, and layout of custom kitchen cabinetry. And once installed, it is just assumed that the hard work is done, and now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the handiwork. There are certain things that should never be used on the cabinet surfaces, and methods to cleaning that, if known, can help to ensure that your cabinets are around and beautiful for years to come! (more…)

Custom Cabinet Redesign In Historic Homes

Custom Cabinet Redesign In Historic HomesIt seems like everyone these days loves a house with character, one that maintains its original “charm,” include as many “traditional” details as possible yet include an open floor plan… making everything obvious as soon as one opens the front door. Even with remodels, this same wish list seems to apply. Open floor plans were not a “thing” when a historical house was built. So, how does one balance these wishes? How does one include modern-day appliances and features in kitchens and baths, but still maintain that old-world charm that is so unique in historical homes? It is a fragile issue, but the experts at Danner’s Cabinet Shop have had years of experience when it comes to creative and unique cabinet designs that merge the old with the new. (more…)

Custom Made Cabinets For The Entire Home

Custom Made Cabinets For The Entire HomeAre you looking to make your existing home more personal? Do you feel like the inside of your home looks just like the rest of your neighbors? One way to personalize your existing home without having to break the bank account is to consider custom cabinetry for your home. Serving Ramsey, MN, and the surrounding area, let the team at Danner’s Cabinet Shop get to work on your custom cabinetry throughout the home. Imagine if every room in your home had custom storage spaces. (more…)

Twin Cities Top Rated Custom Cabinet Shop

Twin Cities Top Rated Custom Cabinet ShopWhen you think about making an investment in your home, you probably try to balance the cost of the upgrade with the value that it brings. In the back of your mind, you want to always make sure that any potential upgrades improve functionality and meet your needs while also improving the resale value of your home, should you ever decide to move. High quality custom wood cabinets are an incredible investment in your home and only increase your home’s value. Danner’s Cabinet Shop has been designing, building, and installing high quality custom wood cabinets in homes all over the Twin Cities area for more than three decades. We can help you choose the perfect new cabinets to complement your home by working directly with you. Imagine custom cabinets that utilize every inch of you space. (more…)