Kitchen Cabinets In Your Historic Home

Kitchen Cabinets In Your Historic HomeInstalling new kitchen cabinets is one of the best ways to bring an older kitchen back to life. If you live in a historic home, the cabinets could be well out-of-date. Danner’s Cabinet experts can help you maintain the look of the historic kitchen in a great way to pay homage to the home and enjoy a modern kitchen with an old fashion style.

Restoring a kitchen to work in the modern world and still retaining its old-world charm requires custom cabinets. Your home wasn’t built to match all the other homes along your block. You will not find cabinets to fit from your big box store. In its original state, there may have been no cabinets that were attached to the walls, no refrigerator, and certainly not a modern stove. If you are maintaining the integrity of the historic home, you want to bring back the period of the home (more…)

Custom Cabinetry For The Whole Home

Custom Cabinetry For The Whole HomeAre you looking to make your existing home more personal? Do you feel like the inside of your home looks just like the rest of your neighbors? One way to personalize your existing home without having to break the bank account is to consider custom cabinetry for your home. Serving Ramsey, MN and the surrounding area, let our team at Danner’s Cabinet Shop get to work on your custom cabinetry throughout the home. (more…)

Custom Cabinetry You Designed

Custom Cabinetry You DesignedWhether you are looking for new kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets or perhaps even a new entertainment center in your living room, Danner’s Cabinet Shop has got you covered. Our customized cabinets are made to order and designed specifically with you in mind. At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, you will not find an off the shelf cabinet that remotely comes close to the type of quality and workmanship that we deliver. (more…)

Custom Cabinetry for Entertainment Spaces

Custom Cabinetry for Entertainment Spaces | Cabinet Designs for every RoomIs your entertainment space in your Minnesota home outdated? Do you spend more time in that part of your residence than anywhere else? Well, our team at Danner’s Cabinet Shop is here to help you enhance and maximize this space at an affordable price. We are proud to offer custom cabinetry for entertainment spaces so that you can truly make this part of your home an area to be proud of. If you are looking for an affordable way to enhance this space in your Minnesota home, consider investing in custom cabinetry from Danner’s Cabinet Shop. (more…)