One of a Kind Custom Cabinetry Made in Ramsey, MN

One of a Kind Custom Cabinetry in Ramsey, MNWhen building a dream home in Ramsey, MN, many homeowners want even the finest details of the home to stand out. They don’t want their kitchen, bathroom, entertainment areas, etc., to look like their neighbors. One great way to set your home apart from the rest is by investing in one of a kind custom cabinetry. Our team at Danner’s Cabinet Shop have the knowledge, experience and unique ideas to create the most beautiful and durable cabinets throughout your new home. (more…)

Custom Cabinets For Your New Home

Custom Cabinets for your New HomeIf you are planning to build a new home, you may also have a desire to take the cookie cutter blueprint offered by the builder and make it a bit more unique. You may be limited as to how to make your home distinctive because of the contours of the property, homeowner association covenants, and other unforeseen limitations. But there is little that anyone can do to limit how you make the interior of your home not only distinctive, but distinctly beautiful. Danner’s Cabinet Shop can make your home feel unique by installing custom cabinets in your kitchen, your family room and anywhere else you need them! (more…)

Quality Custom Cabinetry in Ramsey, MN

Quality Custom Cabinetry in Ramsey, MNIn need of new cabinets in your home? Is quality a key factor in the new cabinets that you’d like to incorporate into your Ramsey, MN home? Well, our dedicated team at Danner’s Cabinet Shop has a strong reputation for providing quality custom cabinetry that is unique and never duplicated. There is no better time than now to let our experienced cabinet makers get to work on transforming your home one cabinet at a time! (more…)

Unique Bathroom Vanity Options in MN

Unique Bathroom Vanity Options in MNDo you love your existing bathroom, but feel that it needs a bit of a facelift? You can definitely revamp the look of your bathroom without having to spend tons of money to fully renovate the bathroom. A simple way to revitalize the look of your bathroom is to invest in a custom bathroom vanity. Our dedicated team at Danner’s Cabinet Shop specializes in creating one of a kind bathroom vanities for the Minnesota community without breaking the bank. One of our designers will work with you do design the perfect vanity for you and your family. (more…)

Custom Cabinetry in 2021

Custom Cabinetry in MinnesotaNow more than ever, people are spending an abundance of time in their homes. With all of the uncertainty of this world that the pandemic has brought, it has been made clear that loving where you live is of the utmost importance. Having a unique space to call your own brings a certain comfort and “homey” feel that you just don’t have with over manufactured, cookie cutter spaces. If you’ve been dreaming of customizing your space to make it a more personal, livable area in 2021, Danner’s Cabinet Shop can help you finally turn your house into a home. (more…)

Quality Custom Cabinets in MN

Quality Custom Cabinets in MNAt Danner’s Cabinet Shop, we take pride in helping bring the overall look of a room together by providing our clients quality custom cabinets for their home renovation or new build. Our clients are always surprised at how much of an impact custom cabinets can have on a room. No matter where you are looking to add quality custom cabinets in your MN home, choosing to work with our custom cabinet makers is a decision that you surely will not regret.

When choosing the right cabinet making team for the job, you want to go with one that is well respected across Minnesota and also one that has plenty of experience. You can check off both of those boxes by choosing to work with our cabinet making experts. From the very beginning, our top priority has always been our clients (more…)