Remodeling Projects That Include Custom Wood Cabinets in Corcoran

Remodeling Projects That Include Custom Wood Cabinets in CorcaranIf you are considering remodeling an area of your home – your kitchen, a bathroom, a home office or your family room – custom cabinets might be an excellent thing to consider to add a unique and functional touch. Custom cabinets can transform a space that you have looked at for years into something new and exciting. Danner’s Cabinet Shop is a local business specializing in designing, building and installing custom cabinets to our clients’ exact specifications. We are located in Ramsey, Minnesota and have more than fifty years in this business. We have worked with many local families and business owners to create custom cabinets that can literally transform a room.

Some of our favorite projects are the most (more…)

Commercial Custom Cabinets MN

Commercial Custom Cabinets MNAre you in the middle of building a commercial office space? While this project may be fun at times, it can also be overwhelming. Making sure that everything goes as planned and that the project stays on time can be draining. When it comes to the custom cabinetry within your MN commercial property, a partnership with our team at Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., will make this part of your commercial build a breeze. Our custom cabinet makers bring the expertise, attention to detail and decades of experience to handle all of your custom cabinet needs in a timely manner. (more…)

Commercial Cabinet Builder in MN

Cabinet for BusinessesDoes your commercial property lack proper storage space for your business? Are the existing cabinets at your office falling apart? Chances are that your current cabinets were mass produced and therefore, lack the quality that you desire. Rather than investing in another set of poorly designed cabinets for your commercial property, it is time to choose custom cabinets that are built to last and are one of a kind. If your business is in the Elk River, Ramsey or Anoka, MN area, partner with our commercial cabinet builders at Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., today! (more…)

Residential And Commercial Cabinet Design Company

Custom Cabinet BuilderNow is a great time of year to consider making improvements to your home’s interior. And, many families struggle for storage space as they spend more and more time in a home. As the years go by, special belongings accumulate and the need for visually appealing storage options become more and more important to minimizing clutter. Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc. specializes in helping homeowners expand their residential storage options while not taking away from the overall look of the home. Our crew of highly skilled cabinetmakers are trained and experienced in the cabinet making process from beginning to end. This allows for our crew to offer many creative options that maximize the space you have available. (more…)

Custom Commercial Woodworking Company

Sometimes we feel that there is a common misconception about being a local woodworking business. Just because we are a family owned and operated company does not mean we cannot handle commercial orders. Danner’s Cabinet Shop has been performing quality commercial woodworking since 1968. We have been serving Minneapolis, St Paul and surrounding areas for almost 50 years and we have no plans of stopping. Not only do we have the cabinetry skills, we’ve got the experience that will produce quality work every single time. (more…)

Commercial Cabinet Maker

Are you in the middle of building a new commercial office space in Minneapolis, St. Paul or the surrounding suburbs? There is a lot that goes into a new office space and the fine details that you decide on can make or break the look of your new commercial property. When it comes to your commercial cabinets, our team at Danner’s Cabinet Shop can provide you with durable, affordable and long lasting cabinets that far exceed the quality of mass produced cabinets. To top it off, your cabinets can be customized to fit your every need thanks to our decades of experience as commercial cabinet makers. (more…)