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Bathroom VanityYour bathroom does not have to be outdated, unorganized or dull. A new custom made, handcrafted vanity can transform your bathroom and your daily routine. Eliminate stress and mess with custom specialty cabinets, designed to maximize your space and organize your day. Danner’s Cabinet Shop has been making dreams a reality for Minnesota homeowners for over 40 years. (more…)

Custom Countertops Elk River MN

Custom CountertopsAlthough it may be very alluring to pick a countertop primarily on its appearance, there are a lot of variables to evaluate. Homeowners need to take a step back and assess the way they live before settling on a countertop surface. Many factors like a material’s durability, maintenance and cost are very important and should be considered before pulling out your credit card. (more…)

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Custom Countertops MN | Kitchen Countertops

To find the countertop that works best for your home and lifestyle, start by taking a look at how you use your kitchen. If yours is like many households, you want a countertop that complements your overall kitchen décor while standing up to everyday use for your family without too much maintenance. On the other hand, if you entertain guests often, you may prefer a countertop with all of these features plus a more elegant look and finish. (more…)

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Custom Cabinet and Countertop Installation MN

Installing new kitchen countertops is one of the most dramatic ways to express your sense of style in your home. They are like the icing on the cake for your new custom kitchen cabinets. Whether made from a natural stone such as granite or quartz or another such as laminate or solid surface, countertops can enhance your lifestyle and add equity to your home. (more…)

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Minnesota Granite Countertops | Granite Edges

Every homeowner would like to have granite stone for their countertops because of its natural beauty and strength. It provides the class and elegance that no other material could give. For this reason, granite countertops became the a popular choice for those who can afford it. Although granite countertops exude that elegant and strong character, they must be completed with the appropriate granite edges. (more…)

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Granite Countertop Color Choices

Granite countertops are probably the most popular choice in kitchen counter installation today. The reasons that people choose granite countertops are for their beauty, resilience and strength. These are important traits for kitchen counter installation, because people are hard on their granite countertops. The kitchen is possibly the most highly trafficked room in the home, and it is the first room home buyers look at. (more…)