Cabinet for BusinessesDoes your commercial property lack proper storage space for your business? Are the existing cabinets at your office falling apart? Chances are that your current cabinets were mass produced and therefore, lack the quality that you desire. Rather than investing in another set of poorly designed cabinets for your commercial property, it is time to choose custom cabinets that are built to last and are one of a kind. If your business is in the Elk River, Ramsey or Anoka, MN area, partner with our commercial cabinet builders at Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., today!

Four Decades of Woodworking Experience

When it comes to custom cabinet making, experience is critical. Would you feel more comfortable working with cabinet makers that have been in the business for 3 years or with cabinet builders that have been around for more than 40 years? The answer should be simple. When it comes to woodworking, experience has a direct impact on the quality of your custom commercial cabinets. Over the years, Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., has provided long lasting cabinets that have allowed companies across MN maximize their space. Storage can become more and more difficult as a business grows. By investing in custom commercial cabinets, our team will ensure that you are utilizing every inch of space that you have available for storage. You simply can’t accomplish this with mass produced cabinets that don’t truly fit your workspace.

Commercial Cabinet Options

By choosing Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., as your commercial cabinet builder in MN, the opportunities are endless. Over the last 4 decades, we’ve designed custom commercial cabinets that provide a variety of uses. A few of our custom cabinet options include:

  • Break Room Cabinets – It is time to bring the “wow” factor to your office’s break room. Let us provide you with custom kitchen cabinets that will provide plenty of storage so that your break room can stay tidy.
  • Work Room Cabinets – Most offices have a designated work room where all of the miscellaneous items are stored. If your work room lacks the storage space that you need, our custom cabinets are just what you’ve been looking for!
  • Bookcases – Don’t let books stack up in random places around your office. Instead, let us create a custom bookcase that can serve as a designated area for all of your office’s books.
  • Bathroom Vanities – Looking to revamp the look of your office bathroom? We specialize in custom bathroom vanities that will help bring a brand new look to your existing bathroom.

Don’t be fooled again by those mass produced commercial cabinets that do not last. If you are looking to enhance the existing cabinets of your Elk River, Ramsey or Anoka, MN office, pick up the phone and call our commercial cabinet builders at Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc. Contact us at (763) 753-4002 or shoot us an email at