Custom Bar For Entertaining This Holiday SeasonYou might be one of the millions of Americans that are planning to host people over your home during the holiday season. Perhaps you have a great space that you’d like to re-invent for entertaining guests. Whatever your reason, custom designed bars are a great option for those that would like to have an additional space for beverage storage/serving in their homes. If this describes your situation, read on to learn about what it takes to get that perfect space implemented in your home.

Location within the home and intended usage: Think about where in your home you envision having a bar. Then, think about what your intended use is. Do you see it more as storage for glasses and bottles? Do you plan to make and serve beverages? How many itemsdo you plan to store at the bar (consider types of beverages, refrigeration needs, amount of glassware, etc.)? Would you like the shelving to show off any bottles in your collection (wine bottles or otherwise)? On the flip side, are there things that you’d rather not have visible (keg storage or supplies like napkins)? All these considerations go into sizing and layout.

Need for plumbing/electrical rough ins: You’ll need to decide whether your bar is going to be a wet bar or not. If so, would you require a sink? Think about any other appliances you wish to add. Under-counter fridge? Wine cooler? Microwave for popcorn? Countertop space for a blender? Will you require a dishwasher? These considerations will determine what kind of materials need to be roughed in and installed prior to cabinets being installed and will ultimately determine sizing and layout of the bar area.

Determine absolute measurements ahead of time: If there are absolute requirements for your bar space, be sure to consider those measurements when in the planning phase as well. In other words, do you require that the bar be no wider or deeper than a certain measurement? If you want to display specialty items (bottles, etc.) on the shelving, get the height and depth of those items, as well. If you don’t have a secondary island/serving area, determine height and depth of appliances such as fridges, microwaves, or blenders ahead of time to ensure cabinetry can support those items.

Summary: Take your time when planning the perfect bar space. Develop a list of requirements and a “must have” list to ensure your cabinet designer can incorporate as much as they can. If you would like to chat about designing your perfect bar, ensure we’re your first call! Serving the greater Minneapolis area, Danner’s Cabinet Shop stands ready to design, build, and install your custom bar. Contact us at (763) 753-4002 and bring all your ideas to us. We’ll handle the rest!