Custom Built Bookcases for your HomeWhen asked what drives them most crazy about their home, most people say clutter. If you have lived in a home for an extended period of time, you likely have belongings that just do not have a place. As time marches on, you accumulate things that are important to keep, but we do not always have the perfect place to store these items. Danner’s Cabinet Shop can build you custom bookcases that are ideal for a family room, office, bedroom or basement – anywhere you need some additional storage space. Bookcases can be an ideal place to store many keepsakes

from books to photographs. Custom bookshelves can have the perfect combination of open and closed shelving so that you can display some of your items and hide others.

Custom Designed Bookshelves

One significant benefit of teaming up with our team for custom built bookcases for your home is that you can create a design that works for you. We can fit the bookshelves to your home’s unique space and size specifications to make use of each and every square inch of available space. We can also help you create a design that complements the existing look of your room so that the bookshelves enhance the overall look of your home. We build custom bookshelves for family rooms, basements, home offices and even bedrooms. They can be useful virtually anywhere you want. These book shelving units can be floor to ceiling, open or closed (or both) or small and compact. Your options are endless when you work with our custom builders.

Experienced Custom Cabinet Makers in MN

Our cabinet makers love designing and installing bookshelves for our clients. We use high quality wood and build shelving units that will add value to your home, are functional and will stand the test of time. We even build a variety of home office bookshelves including storage drawers, desks, and file cabinets. You can also choose free-standing style cabinets so that if you decide to move, you can move them with you. Now is a great time to think about a project that will make you feel better about spending time in your home. Our crew will take extra precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by making sure that we clean and disinfect all tools and materials between each use, and we have set up contact-free estimate and payment options and will be happy to talk about your ideas over the phone. For more information, call us at 763-753-4002.