Custom Built Bookcases In 2021Truthfully, there is something so timeless and iconic about quality made bookcases. Bookcases naturally bring an elegant charm into any space. Additionally, they are quite functional! So, whether you want bookcases to store an entire library in one space or you are looking to upgrade your room into an entire entertainment area, custom built bookcases are the perfect choice for you and at Danner’s Cabinet Shop, we can create exactly what you need right here in the shop! Give us a call and you can talk about your ideas with one of our designers.

Wall-To-Wall Bookcases

If you look on any Pinterest forum or modern design website, wall-to-wall bookcases will be plastered all over. People love the idea of a craftsman home look with functional storage areas that are both aesthetically pleasing and serve a great purpose. At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, we can customize your bookcases to fit your exact room’s dimensions. Whether we are building around a fireplace or creating our own entertainment wall filled with cabinetry and shelving, we’ve got both the experience and knowledge to give you exactly what you are wanting. Customizing everything to your exact space, needs and specifications, we aim to give you everything you’ve been wanting and more.

Free-Standing Bookshelves

Should you want bookcases that are a tad bit more moveable, we also offer free-standing builds that can be customized to your exact designs. Do you need a combination of open and closed shelving? We’ve got you covered there too. For both our wall-to-wall bookcases and our free-standing ones, we can customize each shelf to be open for easy viewing access or closed to hide items that you don’t want shown off. Free-standing bookshelves are a great option for anyone looking to upgrade the office or routinely re-create their space.

With all of our bookcases, we are careful to be architecturally sound. Anytime you build with Danner’s Cabinet Shop, you get customizations that are built to last. Afterall, a bookcase is something that can stay with you for as long as your home is standing. At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, our local, family-owned and operated shop always puts the customer first. For over 40 years, we have been constructing quality bookshelves that last. Our skilled cabinet makers are both trained and experienced to complete the entire process quickly and efficiently from start to finish. For more information about our custom-built bookcases, give us a call today. Contact Danner’s Cabinet Shop at (763) 753-4002 or send us an email at