Danners Cabinet and CountertopsAre you building a brand new home, or remodeling your current residence? There is a lot to think about whenever you are building from scratch, or looking to upgrade the current look of your home. When it comes to your kitchen, in order to get that look of your dreams, it is important to bring together the look between your cabinets and countertop. If you are looking to partner with a team of professionals that not only can provide you with custom cabinets and countertops, but can also give you advice, Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc. has you covered! Bringing customization to Minnesota new homes or a Minnesota remodel, our experienced professionals can bring a new look to your home that you thought was only make believe!

Importance of Countertops

A countertop not only provides a safe, easily cleaned area to cook, serve, or socialize around your kitchen, but it also brings elegance, flair, and uniqueness to your home. By pairing countertops with custom cabinetry, you will be able to achieve the look that makes your guests’ jaws drop when they walk into your home! Why not increase the value of your home and invest in long lasting countertops and custom cabinetry.

Countertop Comparison

At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, we love to combine the look of our custom made cabinets with either Cambria, Formica, or Granite countertops. Detail regarding these types of countertops include:

  • Cambria Countertops – Arguably the strongest countertop of the three because it consists of mostly quartz. Virtually maintenance free, this is a countertop built to last for years that is perfect for everyday use! Many natural stone options are available with Cambria.
  • Formica Countertops – A very affordable countertop option as laminate is cheaper and a little less durable than Cambria or Granite. Created from combining plastic with particleboard. Available in many different colors and styles to provide you with a variety of different looks for your home. Taking a knife or hot pot directly to this type of countertop is a bad idea!
  • Granite Countertops – Granite is another strong material that is very scratch and stain resistant. It also resists heat and comes in a wide variety of granite shades to choose from. Granite does need to be sealed professionally. Another great option with a long lasting life!

So, it if you are in Minnesota, it is time to team up with Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc. to provide you with the custom cabinet and countertop combination of your dreams! Call us today at (763) 753-4002 to learn more.