Our Custom Cabinets are Much More Durable Than Our Competitors

There is a huge difference between durability when it comes to custom cabinets and department store cabinets.

Below are a few reasons why our cabinets at Danner’s is much more durable than our competition:

  • With department store cabinets, there are finished ends on each side of the cabinet with a 1/8″ to 1/4″ gap in between, with the width being 1/2″.  At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, each side of our cabinets have a 3/4″ finished end, so that the width is 3/4″ . We flush trim finished ends which makes a major difference. On top of that, we also sand and putty all the finished ends.
  • We corner block the front and back of the cabinet for strength.
  • The nailer strip in the back of the cabinet is very important because it is the piece that actually connects your cabinet to the wall. Our nailer strips are made out of solid aspen, where department store cabinets are made of particle board. Particle board is not nearly as strong as solid aspen, which could lead to damage for both your walls and cabinets.
  • Department store cabinets have no support behind the false front. Our cabinets have an extra piece that is screwed and glued into place for proper support.

To prove to you that the durability of our custom cabinets at Danner’s is stronger than department stores, our video demonstrates their strength, power, and dexterity by taking a hammer to both cabinets. After just one swing, the department store’s nailer strip broke apart.

Never Settle for Less!

Never settle for cheap cabinets, you are only just costing yourself both time and money. Danner’s Cabinet Shop is a family owned and operated custom wood cabinet manufacture that has been providing excellent, efficient, and amazing service for over 40 years. Have questions or maybe your ready to talk about getting some custom cabinets ordered. We can be reached at 763-753-4002. Give us a call today!