Custom Cabinet Redesign In Historic HomesIt seems like everyone these days loves a house with character, one that maintains its original “charm,” include as many “traditional” details as possible yet include an open floor plan… making everything obvious as soon as one opens the front door. Even with remodels, this same wish list seems to apply. Open floor plans were not a “thing” when a historical house was built. So, how does one balance these wishes? How does one include modern-day appliances and features in kitchens and baths, but still maintain that old-world charm that is so unique in historical homes? It is a fragile issue, but the experts at Danner’s Cabinet Shop have had years of experience when it comes to creative and unique cabinet designs that merge the old with the new.

Historic Home Cabinetry

So often, this question is asked. Typical historic homes include a good bit of intricate, detailed woodwork throughout the home. Molding and cabinet trim features are common. While it might be nice to replicate the original stain color, paint can be considered to freshen up the look of a kitchen or bath but consider consulting professional painters. When it comes to hardwood cabinetry, consult with us at Danner’s first. Cabinets were not made to last forever, and there are many solutions that we can offer that will help freshen up the look and function of the space without sacrificing the style and historical value.

Custom Historic Home Replacement Cabinetry

Many historical homes have spaces that were designed to function at that day in time. As such, cabinets are hung at odd heights, have spaces that are deemed unusable, include odd corners or varying shapes. Obviously, the spaces were not designed to accommodate the modern-day large refrigerator/freezers, dishwashers, double ovens, microwaves, wine bottle coolers, and an array of countertop small appliances. As the needs and usage of spaces in kitchens and baths have changed over time, so has the design and functionality of the cabinets that go in these spaces. There have been many advances in storage solutions and the ability of tools to create such spaces. The expert cabinet designers at Danner’s Cabinet Shop can help to re-envision your space and allow for marble countertops, glass-front cabinet doors, and much more. The possibilities are endless!

The team at Danner’s Cabinet Shop has been creating fully customized cabinets in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area for over thirty years. The custom cabinet designers and carpenters are committed to achieving the right look for you. To discuss your vision for your historical home with the team at Danner’s Cabinet Shop, call (763) 753-4002.