Custom Cabinet Woodworking for Home BuildersDanner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc. offers custom cabinet woodworking for home builders.  At Danner’s, we understand how difficult it can be for home builders to find a woodworker who has the ability to build custom cabinets throughout the homes they are building for a reasonable price.  Danner’s Cabinet Shop has the experience to build custom kitchen cabinets, custom bathroom cabinets, and custom cabinetry for many rooms in the new home.

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Partnering with Area Home Builders for Custom Cabinets

Cabinet builders tend to be professionals who care about quality and exact specifications.  Danner’s Cabinet Shop is different from other cabinet shops because we combine an exacting approach to cabinet building with a highly tuned understanding of the esthetics of wood-working.  We are technical experts, for sure, but we are also knowledgeable about the artistic and interpretive aspects of making custom cabinets meet the needs of home-builders and eventually the homeowners.

What does it take to merge two seemingly opposite aspects of this woodworking, the technical and the artistic?  It requires that we actively value the experience of homebuilders and understand the vision they have for the homes they are constructing.  It requires that we understand the full range of options—in terms of color choices, classic and contemporary styles, materials, and structural integrity—available to home builders.  And it requires the ability to work closely with home builders, maximizing collaboration and communication.  We take great pride in being a company that has built its reputation on a combination of technical expertise, professional reliability, and ease working with builders of all types.

Custom Cabinet Design, Building and Installation

Danner’s Cabinet Shop is committed to making your search for a local custom cabinet builder quick and easy.  Once you find us, we want you to feel confident that choosing Danner’s Cabinet Shop means that you will get the exact cabinets you want for the home you are building. Our staff are always professional and knowledgeable with extensive technical expertise. We are also excellent listeners who can translate your vision into solid, structurally sound, and artistically pleasing cabinetry.

For local home builders who have been searching for a reliable, efficient, and high quality cabinet shop, your search is over.  Danner’s Cabinet Shop can build cabinets in great numbers, but we really come into our own when collaborating with home builders who are looking for custom cabinetry. For more information about how we can help you, call us at 763-753-4002.