Custom Cabinetry For Your MN Living SpacesMany homeowners use entertainment centers for their TVs, and freestanding bookshelves for books and magazines, and even include pieces of furniture such as desks for writing or computer usage. Our living spaces, especially since the emergence of Covid, have become more widely used now, more than ever! As technology usage continues to increase, these spaces have become much more versatile, as well. Consider your current living spaces now. Do you have several pieces of furniture, all serving their own purpose? Does your space seem cluttered? Do you have a tall space and lack a statement piece from a design standpoint? These are all great reasons to consider how custom cabinetry and storage solutions from Danner’s Cabinet Shop in Ramsey can benefit you!

Customized Home Storage Solutions

When you purchase prefabricated cabinets or bookshelves, you’ll find limited options in several categories: material, finish, color, and namely, size. Don’t settle for what’s on the retail shelves or available online! By working with a cabinet maker, you can get the perfect cabinet, made from wood types you choose, stained to colors you choose, and in sizes and configurations that you choose and suit your needs. Think about the many ways that custom-built cabinetry and shelving can benefit your living space, from adding workspace and storage, all while hiding cords and highlighting the space you have.

Ideal sizing For Your Homes Space

Few living spaces, even in the same house, are exactly the same size and shape. As houses are designed or renovated, walls are pushed back to create larger master suites or bathrooms or kitchens. This encroaches on living areas. Perhaps you have a home with an open floor plan, so wall space is limited. If you limit yourself to prefabricated bookcases and cabinetry, you will likely be left with gaps, either side-by-side or at corners. You’ll also be left with stock depths. Custom options can account for custom widths, corners, and angles, eliminating gaps. Customized cabinetry can also be made to custom depths and heights, which will allow you to maximize both your storage needs, as well as your living space.

Consider the amount of time that you and your family spend in your living room or den. It makes sense to invest in unique built-in cabinets that will fit perfectly in your home. When it comes to customized cabinetry, there’s no better team in Minnesota for you to partner with than Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc. To learn more about our custom built-in cabinet options, give us a call today at (763) 753-4002 or email