Custom Cabinetry You DesignedWhether you are looking for new kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets or perhaps even a new entertainment center in your living room, Danner’s Cabinet Shop has got you covered. Our customized cabinets are made to order and designed specifically with you in mind. At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, you will not find an off the shelf cabinet that remotely comes close to the type of quality and workmanship that we deliver.

When you go to a cookie cutter store, there are only so many sizes that will work for you. You can browse and dig at many different stores but ultimately, you are going to end up sacrificing something. With the ability to customize your cabinets, you are giving yourself a little design freedom. Not only are you no longer bound to your choice of wood, color or style, but you can also find something that matches your project’s dimensions perfectly. So, whether you have an extremely small bathroom, a weird shaped kitchen or an unusual function you want your cabinets to possess, customizing your cabinets with Danner’s Cabinet Shop gives you the freedom to design exactly what you like.

Cabinets Cabinetry Design By You

Customizing your cabinets also enables you to fine tune the details that you want. Afterall, when you are customizing your own cabinets, you are going to get measurements that are exact. At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, we will talk you through the design process, going over every detail that you’d like. From measurements, shapes, styles, hardware, wood choice and the finish, we can narrow down those details and make it perfect for you.

Customers Come First

At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, it’s quite obvious that our customer always comes first. We take your visions, and we turn them into the finished product that you’ve always dreamed about. To help with this process, we use specialized cabinet software to provide our customers with drawings that are the exact specifications of their space. This way you know exactly what to expect in the finished product. Our team of highly skilled cabinet makers are trained and experienced in the entire cabinet making process from start to finish. There is no high mass production going on here. If you are looking for fine craftsmanship, quality and functionality, we are your best choice.

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