Custom Cabinets Home Remodeling ProjectsIf you are thinking about starting a home remodeling project, don’t underestimate the value of having custom cabinets. Custom cabinets can bring your remodel to the next level and at Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., we can guarantee the quality custom cabinetry that you’ve always wanted.


No matter what room your home remodeling project may be, renovating any space means that you are wanting to improve that area both aesthetically and functionally. Why would you waste all of the time and effort in renovating if you don’t take the time to really think about the functionality in the room? Cabinets add an endless amount of versatility and functionality to every room. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen, bathroom or living space, customized cabinets can add a tremendous amount of value to your space and really take it to the next level. Need a Lazy Susan inside a cabinet to fit that awkward corner space? Looking for specifically sized shelving within your cabinets to fit your essentials? Wanting to create something unique and away from the cookie cutter, highly manufactured cabinets? Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., gives you all the functionality you could possibly need to create a beautifully remodeled space.


At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., we recognize that being in the cabinet shop business for over forty years means that we’ve got to be doing something right. Our team of professional cabinet makers are skilled to perfect every job from start to finish. When you choose Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., you are choosing a place where we prioritize your wants and needs. We will listen to your wants and design cabinets that match your needs down to the exact measurements. This is especially vital if you have a space that may be a little more difficult to match with some pre-made cabinet you bought from a store. Our team will go into your space and ensure that we have all the right measurements for your cabinets so that everything in your remodel fits and flows flawlessly. Can you say the same for something that was mass produced? Think about that the next time you are in your bathroom wondering just how you are going to make your unique space work!

No matter what remodeling project you may be doing, let Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., be a part of your process. Let us help you take your renovation to the next level with quality cabinets that are handcrafted to fit your every need. For more information about Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., give us a call today at 763-753-4002 or send us an email at