Builder Designed Hutch MinnesotaAt Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., designing and building custom cabinetry is our specialty, but calling ourselves cabinetmakers doesn’t quite cut it. When most people hear cabinetry, they think of kitchen cabinets; while we do build custom kitchen cabinets, we’re also experts at designing and building custom cabinetry in many other styles and for many different uses. We can build bathroom cabinets, custom bookcases, entertainment centers, and even custom bars for your home. All of these fixtures fall under cabinetry, and they all require different types of design techniques and skills. If you’re searching for custom cabinetry experts in Elk River, Ramsey or Anoka, Minnesota, take a look at the cabinetry we build, and see if we can help create cabinetry that can complement your home.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re looking to install new kitchen cabinets, there’s no better solution than custom kitchen cabinetry. With custom cabinetry, you get to choose the size, style, material, coloring, hardware, and design features. You can design your cabinets right down to the hinges on each door! That means you don’t have to worry about finding cabinets that fit your space, you won’t be confined to choosing between white, black and brown cabinets, and you can design your cabinets and drawers to be any size you’d like!

Bathroom Vanity Designs

Just like kitchen cabinets, a custom bathroom vanity can help make designing your bathroom a breeze. You won’t be limited to choosing what you can find in stores, and you can decide exactly what your bathroom cabinets look like, what kind of storage they’ll have, and what types of designs and accents will help make your vanity match the style of your bathroom.

Custom Entertainment Centers and Bookcases

Shopping around for entertainment centers and bookcases doesn’t give you anywhere near the freedom you have when you decide to design custom cabinetry. With a custom entertainment center or bookcase, you can choose between built-in and free-standing cabinetry, and you’ll get to choose features like adjustable shelves, cabinet doors and drawers, materials and coloring, and hardware. Don’t worry about finding the exactly perfect size or shape for your space or lamenting that a bookcase that might fit in your home doesn’t come in the material or coloring you want; just design your own!

Design Your Own In-Home Bar

If you want to build a bar in your home, it’s something you want to be sure looks and functions the way you want it to. Need a lot of shelf space for those vintage bottles? Want a large counter area for preparing and enjoying drinks? Need cabinet and drawer storage? Whatever kind of in-home bar you want, you can have.
Whatever type of custom cabinetry you’re looking for, trust the Elk River, Ramsey and Anoka, MN cabinetry experts at Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc. to design and build storage and furniture solutions that are better than you can imagine. Call us at 763-753-4002, or email to find out more about our custom cabinet work.