Increase The Value Of Your Home With Custom Cabinets

Considering a remodel but are concerned that the investment might outweigh the value added to your home? If you are considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel, it could be a great investment. The statement “Kitchens and Baths sell homes” is second only to “Location, Location, Location”.

Remodeling Investments – Kitchens and Bathrooms Are HOT!

If you are considering putting your home on the market, kitchens and bathrooms sell homes.

As two of the most popular home remodels, kitchen and bathroom improvements can represent a substantial return on investment (ROI) ratio; helping to bring top market value for your home.

Bathroom renovations especially prove high performers. On average 102% return on investment for minor bathroom remodeling. Kitchen remodeling follows closely behind with a 98.5% recoup. Both types of renovations increase a home’s chance of making a quick sale.

Before a considering remodeling your kitchen, you need to understand “Why” you are undertaking this project. Is it because you trip over yourselves in the kitchen in a home you love and plan to stay in forever? Or is it because you plan to move and the 1970’s orange counter and olive green appliances are too ugly to get the best price for the home. The approach to the perfect remodel will be different if you are planning to stay in the home for the long term.

Trends for Today’s Kitchens

Breakfast Bar/Informal Eating Area and multi-level counter tops
Custom Kitchen Island

For a remodel to add value at resale, you must consider current needs and trends. So what are the hot for trends for kitchens today?

  • Open to Family Room or Great Room
  • Maple cabinetry is a first choice. Cherry is a close second. Painted or enameled are also desirable. A variety of heights, lots of moldings, cabinetry looks and no soffits are the trends.
  • Custom built-in cabinets are another popular choice
  • Modern Stainless Steel Appliances. Cook tops separate from ovens.
  • Breakfast Bar/Informal Eating Area and multi-level counter tops.
  • The Kitchen Island has made a strong comeback
  • Office/Communication area
  • Access to Deck or Patio for Outdoor Entertaining
  • Stainless steel sinks with instant hot water systems.
  • Pantry or Other Easy Access Storage (often separate from the dining area)
  • Multiple types of Lighting (Bright for tasks, Indirect for mood)
  • Windows for Natural Light
  • For natural wood flooring oak is the first choice for durability. Laminates are also very popular.
Custom Island with multi-level counter tops

Kitchen cabinets design has evolved. No longer are they simple wooden or plastic cupboards attached to your kitchen walls. Cabinets design take up a large proportion of space within your kitchen and so should receive the appropriate consideration. They are available in an array of materials, designs, shapes and sizes. As consumers look for any way to utilize space, cabinets have had to adapt to provide the customer with the convenience that they demand.

It is important to choose a kitchen cabinets design which incorporates your own personal taste rather than the “flavor of the month”. Often overlooked as a design feature, cabinets take up a significant portion of any kitchen remodeling project. An article from Better Homes and Garden ( confirmed that “In the average kitchen remodeling, cabinets generally comprise 40% of the budget”. No single item in a new kitchen costs as much as cabinetry or contributes as much to the overall look. Will so much being invested into your kitchen cabinets there is much to consider.

Choosing Cabinets For Your Home

There is such a variety of cabinet types and options available to you, it can get bewildering. However, if you take time to familiarize yourself with what is available are realistic about your needs and tastes, you are likely to end up with a kitchen that can provide you with years of pleasure and practical satisfaction at a price that stays within your budget.  And given how important your kitchen is and how much time your family spends in it, that seems like very sensible advice.

Custom Cabinets Installation

As you can see, when it comes to new kitchen cabinets, there are many things to consider.  An experienced Minnesota cabinet maker can help you make it uniquely yours.  If you’re interested in custom cabinetry for your kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere in your home, contact an experienced cabinet maker to get your project underway.