So, we aren’t going to lie. It’s hard to go to a store, see a cheap advertisement for highly manufactured cabinets and not automatically assume that they won’t work in your space. Nope, it’s actually quite frequent that homeowners looking to remodel will go in with the idea that they’ll get something store bought and be fine. However, the reality is that there are a ton of drawbacks to your standard, store bought cabinets. After all that time wasted, many wise customers choose to get something custom made. This is where we come in. Serving the upper Midwest for over forty years, our team at Danner’s Cabinet Shop is your family owned and operated custom wood cabinet shop that is ready to customize your next remodel.

The Drawbacks of Store Bought

First of all, store bought cabinets mean that there’s not just one set out on the market. Your kitchen could look like a million other kitchens across the world. There’s no originality to the product and certainly nothing that reflects your personality. However, let’s say you just don’t care about being original. That’s fine. Do you care about quality? Nine times out of ten, the quality of something store bought is subpar. How long do you think your cabinets will hold up as a lower quality product? Will it stand the test of time or will you end up doing this process all over again in a couple of years? Lastly, as many previous do-it-yourself enthusiasts have mistakenly done, what happens if your store bought cabinets don’t fit into your space? There’s no guarantee that your store bought cabinets will work in the space that you have created for it. Why? Simply put, it just wasn’t made for it.

The Benefits of Customized Cabinets

So now let’s play the opposite game. Every cabinet that our woodworking experts make is an original piece. How do we do this? Our highly skilled cabinetmakers will take your project and complete it from start to finish. Everything we do will be customized to your style and design. Customized cabinets scream originality! This can also be said about quality. We have experience in working with all types of wood and have flexibility on the type of wood or material you’d like to use. With our highly trained and experienced cabinetmakers, quality is never really an issue. Lastly, customizing your cabinets means that you get to customize your space! Use it however you like! We will customize your cabinets to make them functional for you and install your cabinets so that every space is a perfect fit!

There really is no question on custom versus store bought. At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, let us show you in person why! For more information or to talk about ordering your own custom cabinets, call us today at 763-753-4002 or send us an email at