Sometimes we feel that there is a common misconception about being a local woodworking business. Just because we are a family owned and operated company does not mean we cannot handle commercial orders. Danner’s Cabinet Shop has been performing quality commercial woodworking since 1968. We have been serving Minneapolis, St Paul and surrounding areas for almost 50 years and we have no plans of stopping. Not only do we have the cabinetry skills, we’ve got the experience that will produce quality work every single time.

Why Choose Custom Commercial Woodworking?

In many cases, some of our customers will come in and talk to us about custom commercial woodworking because they are on the fence about buying something generic or modular. After speaking with our professional staff, many then opt to go with our custom commercial woodworking designs. Why is this? When you are able to customize your commercial property, everything is tailor made to that specific space. This means you also aren’t bound to anything specific, including the color, wood or the style of cabinetry. What seals the deal for most commercial businesses, however, is the amount of quality that is put in at a surprisingly affordable price. You will not get the quality and workmanship of woodworking anywhere else other than Danner’s Cabinet Shop.

Designing Your Commercial Cabinets

A large benefit to choosing a custom commercial woodworking company is that you are a large part of the decision making process. While we handle the safety, quality, and expert measuring techniques, we want to do this from your vision of how the outcome should be. To help us make our visions come true, we use specialized design software, which draws your cabinets to exact specifications and gives you an ideal image of what your end result may look like. We are open to your ideas, but can also make a design for you and counsel you on ideas to make the space you have functional and attractive for your commercial property.

Choosing custom commercial woodworking means that you are choosing to have long lasting, quality results. No matter what you are interested in building, a shelf or an entire line of cabinetry, Danner’s Cabinet Shop has got you covered. For more information about our custom commercial woodworking company, give us a call today. Serving Minneapolis, St Paul and the surrounding suburbs, let us show you how we can add functionality and style to your commercial property today. Call us at 763-753-4002 or send us an email at