Custom Kitchen Cabinet StorageWe spend countless hours in the kitchen with food prep for the week, cooking meals for family and other guests, cleaning and gathering together to enjoy the food. Every square inch of kitchen space has a true function and your kitchen storage space is at a premium. Danner’s Cabinet Shop can help you maximize the space in your kitchen to improve functionality and make cooking and cleaning even easier for you. We can design and install custom cabinets that offer every single item in your kitchen a home so that it does not take up precious counter space.

Add Storage to your Kitchen

Danner’s Cabinet Shop prides itself on designing and building beautiful cabinets that add aesthetic appeal to your kitchen while also adding function. We use premium lumber, hardware and hinges to ensure that your new cabinets will be beautiful and long lasting. Our cabinet makers have a true passion for designing and building cabinets and we will use skill, craftsmanship and commitment to quality.

A kitchen remodeling project of any kind requires significant planning and is a large financial investment in your home. The team at Danner’s will work with you every step of the way to be sure that every last detail of your cabinet storage project is thought through. We understand how important this room is in your home and we will make sure that we use our skill and experience to ensure that your new kitchen cabinets meet your storage needs. We will help make your vision a reality. We encourage you to take your time, look at multiple options for your kitchen cabinet storage and really give some thought to what will work best for your daily needs. You will be living and working in your kitchen for many years after this project is complete so getting it right the first time is very important to us.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Add Storage and a Whole New Look

One of the most important benefits of custom kitchen cabinets is that they can literally be built to maximize all available space. Kitchens are all built very differently – different dimensions and configurations. Our crew will come to your home, take detailed measurements and make recommendations for cabinets that give you the most possible storage.

If you are considering a kitchen remodeling project that includes custom kitchen cabinets, call the cabinet makers at Danner’s Cabinet Shop at 763 753-4002 for more information or to request a quote.