Custom Kitchen Cabinets For Today's FamilyOne of the most popular quotes that is often hung somewhere in the kitchen is, “the kitchen is the heart of the home.” This quote rings so true for so many of us. The kitchen is a place where life happens. We cook, we eat, we share, some do schoolwork, some do work-work, and others just play and laugh. So, if this quote rings true for you, then are you making the most of your kitchen? A kitchen should be a versatile space that can be truly enjoyed by everyone. So, for those reasons, every little inch of your kitchen is important. At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., we aim to give you back your space. We want you to make the most out of your kitchen so that it can continue to be the heart of your home.

Customizing Your Kitchen

At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., we have been providing custom kitchen cabinets to our customers for over four generations. We understand that every kitchen is different, and every family has different functional needs. We will listen to your wants and needs and then help to create a kitchen design that is perfect just for you. Our experienced cabinet makers understand the need for making the most out of your space. Whether you have an ample amount of space or just a small area to work with, we can help create customized cabinets that are perfect for your needs. Whether you need a lazy Susan in every corner cabinet or you have a funky floor plan with unusual measurements, our cabinet makers can customize everything to your liking. When you choose Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., you will sit down with one of our talented professionals who will go over your wants and needs. We will take your ideas and formulate a beautiful, budget friendly plan that will fit your needs both functionally and cosmetically. Being able to customize your kitchen cabinets opens up a world of opportunity.

At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., we’ve been doing this for a long time. We have over 40 years of kitchen design experience and have seen all different trends within the home. We’ve worked with all different types of budgets and created kitchen cabinets that homeowners can enjoy for a lifetime. Everything we do is done with care and with great attention to detail. Every measurement, design, shape, hardware and material choice is done meticulously with you in mind.

For more information about your custom kitchen cabinet options, give us a call today. Call Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc. today and let us help create a space where your kitchen both looks and feels like the heart of your home. Contact us today at (763) 753-4002 or send us an email at