BookcaseShopping for a bookcase can be an absolutely trying experience. If you’re not certain what you’re looking for, you could find yourself shopping for weeks or months without ever finding that perfect bookcase. To help make finding the right bookcase to add to your home simpler, it’s always best to treat your shopping trip like all others; have a good idea of what you want before you begin. That means figuring out the approximate size you need, how many shelves you’d like, the coloring and materials you want, and the shapes and styles you might consider. But once you’ve decided on all of this, is it really any easier to find a bookcase that meets all of your criteria? Your best bet is to stop sifting through furniture stores and endless online sites, and consider getting a custom bookcase! At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., we build and sell custom wood bookcases in Elk River, Ramsey and Anoka, Minnesota, making sure that everyone shopping for a bookcase gets exactly what they want when they want it.

Permanent Built-In Bookcases

If you’re planning to stay in your home for a while and know that you’d like a bookcase permanently placed in one space, then a built-in bookcase might be what you’re looking for. Built-in bookcases can make a room more versatile and stylish, especially if you plan your bookcase carefully. With built-in bookcases, because they won’t be moving any time soon, we recommend choosing a design that’s flexible enough to meet your needs today and years from now. That means ensuring you’re always able to use your bookcase exactly the way you want to. We make this possible by designing bookcases with adjustable shelves so that you can always raise or lower your shelves to make room to display large and small items alike.

Free-Standing Bookcases

Free-standing bookcase designs are often easier to choose a design for because they aren’t necessarily permanent fixtures in a home like built-in bookcases are. However, designs should be chosen carefully nonetheless, and these bookcases can be made as versatile as their built-in brothers. Opt for adjustable shelves to make sure your bookcase is always as useful as possible, choose how many columns your bookcase will have, and decide on a size and shape that will allow your bookcase to fit in multiple spaces in your home!

Custom Designed Wooden Bookcase Options and Add-Ons

At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., we believe in helping you create the exact bookcase you want and need in your home. That means ensuring you have as many great features and add-ons available to help you design your bookcase. Whether you’re opting for a built-in or free-standing bookcase, you can choose every detail. You can have a rectangular, square, or even corner bookcase, a bookcase that’s built around a fireplace or a bed, a bookcase with adjustable or permanent shelves, a bookcase with cabinets and custom hinges and hardware, and more! Contact our Elk River, Ramsey and Anoka, MN custom bookcase builders at 763-753-4002 or, and bring your dream bookcase to life!