Quartz CountertopsQuartz is among the most unique materials available for kitchen and bathroom countertops today. Unlike other types of stone, quartz countertops are made from engineered stone, which means particles of natural stone are ground up and fused together using plastic resins. Beyond that, however, there are some even more noteworthy facts about quartz you may not know. Discover some of the most interesting quartz facts below.


What Are Quartz Countertops Made Of?

While quartz countertops may sound like they’re made exclusively from one type of stone, the reality is that many different types of rocks go into the production of the material. Much of the slab comprises marble, granite, and natural stone. It may also encompass some recycled materials, including mirror, ceramic, and glass.

Quartz Is A Popular Flooring Material

While quartz may be one of the most coveted countertop materials trending now, it’s also been used as a flooring surface for many years. From airports to shopping centers, quartz lines the floors of countless buildings across the globe. These applications serve as a testament to the material’s impermeability and longevity: when you choose quartz, you know you’re getting one of the strongest options available.

Quartz Countertops Are An Eco-Friendly Option

For conscious consumers seeking to minimize the carbon footprint of their home improvements, quartz is an attractive choice. Engineered stone countertops are largely produced with the byproducts of quarrying processes, which means no natural materials are actively harvested to produce quartz countertops. Yet, most of the material is natural, with only 10% of the entire slab consisting of binding agents.

Quartz Is In A Market Of It’s Own

While quartz was originally marketed to compete with granite, in recent years two distinct segments have emerged. Homeowners now recognize the unique value in each material, and because many types of quartz and granite have one-of-a-kind visual appeal, there’s now plenty of room in the home design sector for both leading materials to thrive.

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