High-end Custom Cabinet BuilderWhen you are searching for high quality cabinets, don’t turn to high-manufacturing corporate companies that mass produce the same product over and over again. When you want high-end cabinets, choosing a professional cabinet maker that will customize your cabinets is the only way to go. At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., we are a high-end custom cabinet builder that guarantees quality and beauty with every cabinet we install. You are only as good as your weakest link. At Danner’s, Our weakest link has more experience than most of our competitors top guy. Why…Danner’s is the place EVERY cabinet maker and designers wants to work!

Customizing Your Cabinetry

Customizing Your Cabinetry with DannersIs there really a point to having high-end cabinetry if it’s not completely customized to what you like? If you want to truly enjoy your cabinets, Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., can customize your cabinetry to your exact wants and needs. Perhaps your space is small. Customizing the cabinets can maximize your space and increase your functioning wants and needs. The ability to customize your cabinets allows for you to have freedom in your choice and not be bound by corporate design plans. When you call Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., you will speak to one of our most experienced cabinetmakers and design team. We will take a look at the space and help create those high-end custom cabinets that are both beautiful and functional. To achieve a flawless look, we use specialized cabinet software that creates drawings that are extremely specific and provide exact measurements for your space.

Choosing your Cabinets

After you customize the look and design of your cabinets, we will get even more specific about your wants and needs. Our skilled cabinet makers handle everything from start to finish. Nothing is off the table when it comes to our cabinets. We have a wide range of wood choices, colors, stains, and styles. If there’s something you don’t see, our team knows no bounds. We can make your high-end, custom cabinets with anything you’d like. We believe in serving our customers by honoring their vision. No final design decisions are ever made without first consulting our customers.

High-end Custom Cabinet Builder

For over forty years, Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., has been a family owned and operated high-end custom cabinet builder that prides itself in providing beautiful cabinetry for all of our customers. You will never find another custom cabinet builder that is as dedicated to fine craftsmanship, quality and functionality as our expert team. If you are looking for highly skilled cabinet makers that will turn your cabinet dreams into a reality, call us today! Contact Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., at 763-753-4002 or send us an email at