Kitchen Remodeling ProjectSpringtime has finally arrived in Minnesota, which means that it’s time to do some spring cleaning! As you make your morning coffee, take a good look around your kitchen. Is it time for an upgrade? Have you always wanted a country style kitchen?  What about that timeless traditional kitchen that just never gets old? Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc. has got all the right tools and tricks to pull off your next kitchen remodel!

Bold Color Kitchens

As spring fills your home with sunshine, your kitchen should reflect the mood! Many modern and country style kitchens are beginning to use bold color kitchens to really make their room pop! Bold kitchen colors can highlight the countertops and appliances very well! Whether you are wanting a bold backsplash or brightly painted cabinets, you can’t go wrong with a little bit of color in the spring!

Traditional Kitchen

Kitchen RemodelTraditional kitchens are timeless. No matter what year or season it may be, your kitchen will offer beautiful dimension to your home. However, you can easily make your traditional, dark wood cabinets pop by adding modern hardware or getting Danner’s Cabinet Shop to insert a nice window in a couple of your cabinets. This gives your kitchen a traditional yet very updated look.

Country Style Kitchen

There is nothing like momma’s cooking in a country style kitchen. Farmhouse sinks, a wooden countertop island, and beautifully crafted cabinets make for the perfect Sunday afternoon with the windows wide open. Country style kitchens can add a certain quaintness to your home that makes everyone happy. Using old hardware on new white cabinets can give your kitchen the look and feel that you’ve been dreaming about.

Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen DesignsModern kitchens are all about clean lines and multi-functional usage. Having sleek countertops, and symmetrical cabinets have been a popular option for those looking for modern kitchen options. While everything is pristine on the outside, you open up the cabinets and a whole new world of organized cabinetry unfolds! We can create nooks, crannies, and all the organized space you need on the interior of the cabinets so that you can maintain the modern kitchen feel on the outside.

Kitchen Cabinet Crafter in Minnesota

No matter what type of kitchen you are looking to have, the cabinets can make all the difference. At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, we can make any style or type of kitchen cabinet that you can dream of. For more information on our cabinets or to find more kitchen information, call your Minnesota cabinet shop today! Contact Danner’s Cabinet Shop at 763-753-4002.