Custom Cabinets for Kitchen RemodelingAre you thinking about renovating your kitchen? If so, you’ve likely got 1000 different ideas in your head about what you’re looking for in terms of a new kitchen. Thankfully, you have a team of kitchen cabinet experts at Danner’s Cabinet Shop that would be more than happy to work with you to create the kitchen of your dreams. We’ve been serving the local community since 1965 and have been providing high quality custom kitchen cabinets for three generations. Achieving your dream kitchen first starts with determining what it is that you want to do in your new kitchen.

Build The Kitchen Of Your Dreams With Danner’s Cabinets

Custom Cabinetry Kitchen RemodelWhether you an aspiring chef who spends hours cooking and baking in your kitchen, or someone looking for a smaller user friendly kitchen with more dedicated seating and entertaining space for guests, we have the design experience and quality craftsmanship to handle bringing your dream to life. While these are just two examples, they give you a sense of how different each and every kitchen is that we work on at Danner’s Cabinet Shop. This is one of the primary reasons why we always suggest that our potential clients sit down with us to come up with a kitchen design that will work for them.

Dream Kitchen with Custom Kitchen CabinetsToo often contractors and homeowners will try to ‘go cheap’ when it comes to kitchen cabinets by installing off the shelf cabinetry from the big box stores. What these individuals often don’t realize is that the big box stores offer only a fraction of what we can build and provide at Danner’s Cabinet Shop. In addition, our cabinets are built to last much longer than the lower quality stock cabinets that are common in most big box stores.

At Danner’s Cabinet Shop we want to help you design and create a kitchen that will stand the test of time. This includes using the highest quality materials that will last for decades, but also using kitchen designs that will be timeless so that you’re not left feeling like you need to remodel your kitchen every few years.

Expert Cabinetmakers Available for Your Kitchen Renovation Project

At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, precision and quality are critical to everything we do. This is especially the case when it comes to our custom kitchen cabinetry. We utilize only the most experienced cabinetmakers throughout the kitchen remodel process from start to finish. Nothing is mass produced in our cabinet shop. This ensures that the cabinets you purchase from Danner’s Cabinet Shop will serve you well for many years to come. To learn more about our craftsmanship and experience, feel free to reach out to our team today by phone at 763-753-4002.