Matching Kitchen Cabinets And Bath VanitiesThe decisions, when building a new home or remodeling a home you’ve been in for years, can be exhausting! Considering everything from layout to finishes and everything in between, most homeowners attempt to create a functional but stylish space that fits any existing styles within the home. One question that is often asked is whether or not to match the kitchen cabinets and the bathroom vanities. There is no right or wrong answer, but, in our opinion, much of it depends on the layout of your home. Here’s what to consider:

Obviously, if the bathroom area in question is right off the kitchen (such as a half-bath or powder room), you might want to consider matching the styles and color in the two spaces. This provides a certain continuity between the two spaces, making it all feel like one.

Complimentary Styles An Option?

Not everyone is planning to renovate both spaces, for either budgetary reasons or otherwise. Perhaps the cabinets in one of the spaces is already new and doesn’t need replacing or you really like the style as it is. In this instance, perhaps you could consider complementary styles where you match the stain color or the style of the handles and pulls, but not the wood and cabinet type. These non-competing styles can still accomplish the visual continuity you have been trying to achieve.

To this end, even different cabinet styles can be presented if other elements of the home’s décor are unified. Consider matching countertops or matching the flooring and paint schemes in both spaces.

Refacing Existing Cabinetry

Another option that many homeowners should consider is cabinet refacing. This preserves the structure of the original cabinets but simply puts on uniform doors to give the spaces a new, refreshed appearance. By refacing cabinets, rather than replacing, you can maintain cabinets that may have been customized for the space already or are simply odd sizes that may not be available without customization again.

Experienced Custom Cabinet Builders In Ramsey, MN

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