Custom Kitchens By DannersWhen you think of cabinetry, you probably immediately think of your kitchen cabinets. You might even think of your antique china cabinet. But there is so much more to cabinetry than just the furniture and fixtures commonly referred to as cabinets. Cabinetry can be found and added throughout entire homes, from the kitchen to the bedroom. Whether you’re looking for a custom bookcase to add to your bedroom, a new vanity for your bathroom, a hutch for your entryway, or some other wooden addition, Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc. can bring your ideal cabinetry designs to life. When you choose to build custom cabinets, you can be sure every piece complements your home’s design, and our Minneapolis, MN custom home cabinet builders and designers will work with you to make sure your cabinetry has everything you need and want.

In-Home Basement, Kitchen and Dining Room Bars

Custom barOne of the largest projects we tackle is designing and building custom in-home bars. These can be built in any room you choose, whether it be your basement, dining room, kitchen, living area, or somewhere else. By choosing custom cabinets, you’re ensuring your bar is the size, shape, material, and coloring you want and that the layout is perfect for your needs. Need a little extra counter space? No problem! Want space for a sink? Great! Whatever designs you want to add to your bar, we can easily accommodate them.

Bathroom Cabinets

If you’re redesigning a bathroom or simply want to replace an old bathroom vanity, there’s no better solution than custom bathroom cabinetry. With custom cabinets, you get to decide how many sinks to include in your design, how much counter space you’ll have, what type of storage your vanity will include – everything is up to you! Want an extra hutch built to accommodate linens or extra bathroom supplies? We’ll help you design a custom bathroom hutch!

Living and Entertainment Room Cabinetry

Whatever you call your living room – a sitting room, entertainment room, or otherwise – chances are good you could benefit from custom cabinetry. Though a living room might be the easiest to find furniture for because you aren’t as confined by space and dimensions as in other rooms of your home, it’s still difficult to find that just right piece of cabinetry. Whether you’re searching for a bookcase, entertainment center, end table cabinet, or hutch, or you want to build a custom bar in your living room, we can make sure you make the most of your space, including designing built-in and free-standing cabinetry designs.

Bedroom Cabinetry Options

Custom Cabinet BuilderIn your bedroom, you might be looking for similar cabinetry to a living room space. We often build custom bookcases, entertainment centers, hutches, and nightstands for bedrooms. If you’re outfitting an entire bedroom, you can be sure your custom cabinetry matches and complements the design of your room without searching through an endless sea of generic, mass-produced furniture.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Last but not least, we specialize in building custom kitchen cabinets that are built to your specification. You choose the size, layout, materials, coloring, and added designs for your kitchen cabinetry, allowing you to have nearly endless options compared to buying cabinets at a hardware store. If you’re looking for custom home cabinet builders in Minneapolis, MN give Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc. a call today at 763-753-4002, or email