Top Trend in Bathroom Vanities 2021 - Floating Vanities and SinksLet’s be honest…bathroom vanities get taken for granted. Just think about it. How many spaces in your home do you use every single day? The bathroom vanity is one of those features we spend time in front of and utilize more so than many others in our home.

We get dressed, apply make-up, brush our teeth, and check our overall appearance multiple times a day in front of this heavily used fixture. That’s a lot to ask of a single space. So, is your bathroom vanity holding up to all the ways you employ it every day—or could it do even more?

If you are going to spend so much time in front of one piece in your home, shouldn’t it be something that sparks joy to get your day (or night) started off right?

Why Should You Consider a Floating Vanity

The overall top trend in bathroom vanities continues to be replacing outdated and bulky vanities with a floating vanity. While freestanding vanities with an open bottom are still popular, a floating vanity provides the simplest and most minimal feel while adding a touch of luxury.

As is the case with many bathroom trends, the floating bathroom vanity trend first began in the hospitality industry. Homeowners are always surprised by just how much the addition of a floating vanity opens their bathroom space up, despite the overall size and functionality of the vanity itself.

Replacing your current vanity with a floating model is the easiest way to modernize your bathroom with a luxurious hotel-style upgrade, especially if you go with a customized option.

A Custom Floating Bathroom Vanity Provides Unique Organization

Either as part of a full remodel or a standalone upgrade, replacing your outdated vanity with a custom floating option provides a sleek feel and storage catered to your needs. Upgrading from a single sink to a double vanity demonstrates your commitment to keeping up with current trends while gaining greater functionality.

Choosing a custom-made vanity is easy with the professional designers and builders at Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc. With three generations of trusted custom cabinetry experts, they have built their reputation on providing the greatest value for homeowners over the years.

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