Things To Consider When Designing Your Custom BarSo, you want to add that bar area you have always dreamed of and have decided that custom cabinets are the way to go. Custom bars are perfect for those that would like an additional zone for beverage storage in their home. At the very least, a bar area is simply a separate zone to store glassware, alcohol, wine, and any other necessary components to mix the perfect cocktail. Here are some tips, tricks, and things to consider if you are in the planning phase of designing your perfect bar area:

Think about its intended usage. Is this simply a storage area? Is this an entertainment zone? Is this a place to craft perfect cocktails? Consider the placement of the bar (arguably, the most important decision). Where would my ideal bar be in my home? Take count of what you would like to store. Would you like to display wine? Do you require more room for tall bottles? Do you want things to be concealed/hidden or exposed?

Purpose And Accessories

Typically, bars serve as an overflow to the kitchen area. Keeping this in mind, think about whether this be a wet bar. Do you require a sink? Consider what appliances you would like to house at or in the bar. Do you require an under-counter bar fridge or wine cooler? Do you desire a full-sized fridge? Should you add a microwave for movie night popcorn? Should you consider a dishwasher?

Measurements Are Huge

Measure your tallest bottle and work backwards from there. This is especially crucial if you would like your top shelf liquor on display. Don’t forget to measure the height of your high efficiency blender or your frozen drink machine. These items are typically taller and require more than the standard 18” clearance between the countertop and upper cabinet.

Take your time when planning the perfect bar space. Develop a list of requirements and a “must have” list to ensure your cabinet designer can incorporate as much as they can. If you would like to chat about designing your perfect bar, ensure we’re your first call! We serve the Anoka, MN and greater Minneapolis areas. Let one of our cabinet designers help you plan the perfect space. Book an appointment or contact us today at (763) 753-4002.