Tips to Designing a Custom Dry BarIf you love to entertain, consider adding a custom dry bar to your entertainment space. After all, having a designated space for storing, crafting, and serving cocktails to your guests is the ultimate in entertaining! Turn your home into an entertainer’s dream with a stunning dry bar! Your place will be the spot where the party happens, and memories are made (or made to be forgotten). One thing is for sure, you’ll never forget how excited you are to have your dream bar right in the comforts of home.


Why Adding a Dry Bar to Your Home is a Great Idea

  • Provides a convenient, separate area to entertain (away from the hustle and bustle of a busy kitchen!)
  • Offers an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home
  • Adds resale value to your home
  • Fun way to fill empty space

Additional Customization Options

  • Wine rack – A wine rack is a great way to openly store your favorite bottles of wine and is a staple in most dry bars, especially for wine aficionados with impressive wine collections. At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, all wine racks are custom built based on the specifications of the dry bar design.
  • Wine fridge and beverage center – Another must-have in your dry bar is a wine/beverage fridge. A wine fridge is ideal for cooling white wines and bubblies as well as certain reds. A beverage fridge is great for beers, mixers, and other drinks.
  • Glass-front cabinet doors – A beautiful way to show off an impressive collection of barware and wine glasses is with glass cabinet doors. Take it up a notch by installing accent lights inside the cabinets! At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, we can add interest to your space with special touches like glass cabinet doors! If you prefer to mix in some open shelving that shows off your assortment of drinks, we can seamlessly blend those in with the cabinet design.
  • Under cabinet lighting – A practical, yet aesthetically pleasing way to enhance your custom-built dry bar is with under cabinet lighting. This is especially the case if you want to bring attention to a beautiful backsplash or countertop accessories. The extra lighting will also come in handy when you go to make those craft cocktails!

Need Help Creating Your Custom Dry Bar?

If you would like to chat about designing your perfect bar, ensure we’re your first call!  We serve the Anoka, MN and greater Minneapolis areas. Let one of our cabinet designers help you plan the perfect space.  Book an appointment or contact us today at (763) 753-4002.