Top Reasons To Update Your Kitchen CabinetryMany people dream of the perfect kitchen. Big. Spacious. Plenty of storage. Whatever your goal, there are many factors to consider. We’ve put together a listing of our top reasons why you might want to go ahead and schedule that kitchen remodel or cabinet upgrade you’ve been thinking about for a while now.

Consider the layout and functionality of the various ‘zones’ in your kitchen. Perhaps there are too many appliances on the countertop (coffee maker, toaster, toaster oven, microwave, blender, etc.). Perhaps you need additional space to hold all the groceries and ingredients in a manner that is more useful to you and your family. By upgrading, you can re-envision your space to completely meet your needs and the needs of your family.

Keeping Up With Kitchen Design Changes

Oftentimes, we may change the color of the wall paint, pull up carpet to expose wood floors, or lay new area rugs. This can change the feel of the entire space. By updating your kitchen cabinets and countertops you can get something that better reflects your style and the style of the interior decorating.

Making That All-Important First Impression: The kitchen has long been called the ‘heart of the home,’ and many people spend a lot of time in it. It is the space where many parties end up moving to. It has been reported that in more modern years, homeowners are more likely to entertain their guests in the kitchen area than the formal living room. With all this foot traffic in mind, who wouldn’t want their kitchen to be a statement and reflection of the homeowner’s style.

Increased Property Value: It’s been said that kitchens and baths sell a home. If you have taken the time to study the layout and function of a kitchen and implement a design that incorporates good, quality materials, potential homebuyers will take notice. In fact, a properly designed kitchen reportedly returns 50-60% of the cost of renovating, when it comes time to sell the property. And it’s no shock that potential buyers are willing to spend a lot more on a home that has good quality kitchens and baths!

Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets Today

To begin the process of upgrading and updating your kitchen, talk to the cabinetry experts at Danner’s Cabinet Shop in Ramsey, MN. Whether you are just beginning to think about the process or are at the purchase and installation portion of your project, our team is standing by to help you take the next step. Call Danner’s Cabinet Shop at (763) 753-4002 or fill out our online contact form today.