Top Trends In Granite For 2022-2023Granite has consistently been a top choice for countertop materials since the mid-1980s. It is more durable than marble, is solid, less porous, and is less likely to show scratches or signs of wear and tear. Granite is also easier to clean and maintain, making it a prime choice for kitchens and bathrooms. But, with over 14,000 variations of color, narrowing the choices down can be daunting, to say the least. Here, we’ll discuss the top, most popular color choices that seem to be adaptable to most tastes and design elements.

White-colored granite: The #1 choice in white-based granite is “Andromeda White” from Sri Lanka. This granite surface creates a modern look with a white base, speckled with browns and containing gray veining. Color-wise, white granites offer the most compatibility and look great with just about any kitchen cabinet. While it is not possible to purchase a pure white slab, it’s preferred by many, as the light surface color contrasts well with darker colored cabinets and many food colors. The irregular striations and speckles add to the character of the countertop.

Black-colored granite: The top choice in the black-toned granites is “Nordic Black” from Russia. This stone has subtle color tones and is shallow in depth that make it a great compliment to other granite colors. Black-colored granite countertops provide a bold and dramatic look to any kitchen. Countertops that contain white veins or flecks of gold are eye-catching compared to all-white countertops.

Blue-colored granite: The #1 choice amongst the blue-toned granite countertops is “Amadeus.” Found in Iceland, Brazil, and Finland, it is a creative option for large spaces. Black and gray tones dominate the surface with more subtle deep red and green tones. Blue granite kitchen countertops create a sense of calm within spaces. Often compared to water, the swirling patterns suggest movement.

Brown-colored granite: The top choice in the brown, or neutral shades, is “African Ivory.” Found in South Africa, its combination of earthy tones can bring together nearly any wood type. Its natural coloring also makes for durable flooring. Incredibly adaptable, brown-toned granite is available from deep chocolate to lighter almond shades.

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