Using Every Square Inch in a Kitchen RemodelWhen it comes to a kitchen remodel, making sure that you utilize every square inch of space available should be a top priority. One great way to maximize your kitchen cabinet space is to partner with our team at Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., and let us create custom kitchen cabinets designed specifically for your St. Paul, Minnesota kitchen remodel.

Don’t Go with Mass Produced Kitchen Cabinets: At Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc., we understand that you may be trying to save moneywherever possible with your kitchen remodel. While there are certain things that you can do with your kitchen remodel to help you save money, you don’t want to fall into the trap of investing in mass produced kitchen cabinets. The primary reason to avoid mass produced kitchen cabinets is that they will not fit seamlessly. In turn, you’ll fail to use every square inch in your kitchen. Wasted space is something that you’ll surely look back on and regret down the road. Other reasons to not go with mass produced kitchen cabinets is that they are not as durable as our custom kitchen cabinets at Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc. Those companies are more about volume of product made than they are the quality of the product that they make.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Nothing makes us happier than providing our clients with unique cabinets that are one of a kind for them. Our custom cabinet experts focus on creating custom kitchen cabinets so that no one else will have the same cabinets as you. Our team wants your ideas to be a part of the finished product. We truly want these kitchen cabinets to be your design, your way. Not only does this make our clients feel more comfortable with their kitchen remodel, but it makes them feel like their opinions matter and that their kitchen cabinet dreams can really become a reality. With 3 generations of experience, using every square inch in a kitchen remodel is something that comes natural to us.

If you’re looking to partner with custom cabinet experts in St. Paul, Minnesota that can incorporate your own design and preferences, Danner’s Cabinet Shop, Inc. is the perfect partner for you. Rather than choosing mass produced kitchen cabinets that will not maximize the space in your kitchen, let our team create custom kitchen cabinets with a seamless fit. To learn more about your options and how to use every square inch in a kitchen remodel, give us a call today at (763) 753-4002 or email