Formica Countertops for Minnesota Homes

Formica is to laminated countertops as Scotch Tape is to cellophane tape. Formica is a brand name that has come to represent all laminated countertop materials, and is far and away America’s countertop material choice! The reason for this dominance is a combination of its durability, range of color/design and its low cost.

Of all the countertop materials we work with at Danner‘s Cabinets, Formica is the most popular, the least expensive, and the easiest to work with. Formica is available in about every color and design imaginable. Its weight makes it a delight to cut and shape, and it looks good anywhere you choose to use it. And the best part of all is that its availability, weight and simplicity of production make it an excellent value for either new or replacement countertops.