Custom Cabinets Ramsey, MN

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If you are the kind of person who is never content with the regular, the blasé, then custom cabinets are right up your wheelhouse. To put it simply, you will not find an off the shelf cabinet anywhere around Ramsey that comes close to the quality and workmanship that you would get from a custom cabinet made by Danner’s Cabinets. Period!

When you decide to go with custom cabinets, you are choosing the flexibility to turn your imagination into a reality. With custom cabinetry, you are not locked into a fixed choice of wood, color or style. We can design a cabinet that makes full use of all available space whereas a non-custom or modular cabinet will only leave you praying that you measured correctly and that it fits appropriately in your Ramsey home.

Hand-crafted custom cabinetry allows you many pros and essentially no cons. They will certainly last for more than a few decades. That much is for sure. But more than that, your custom cabinetry will be the most beautiful, functional and durable cabinets that you will ever have or use.

With custom cabinets, you get vast amounts of free range with the design and crafting. Each piece is fashioned to the exact specifications for your Ramsey home with regards to the measurement, shape, hardware, wood choice, and color. All the way down to the tiniest aspects in the design, everything is crafted with regards to your needs and wants. You may choose virtually any look, finish or wood that you long for, and we will craft your custom cabinets to suit that desire.

Obviously, we want you to be completely involved with the design process. You’re going to be living with the custom cabinets, so we want to make sure you’re totally satisfied with them. The entire project takes place around what you envision and everything we do will be in accordance to your precise specifications. Because your opinions are so valuable to the project, we will not make any final design decisions before consulting with you first. Danner’s Cabinet Shop employs professional cabinet software that gives our clients detailed drawings that are based on their specifications. We can draw up the blueprint for you or we can help you draft a one-of-a-kind cabinet that is based on your vision, sketches and measurements.

Custom Cabinets For Every Room In Your Ramsey Home

Your Ramsey home is most likely your largest investment; so when the opportunity comes to remodel your home, why use anything but the very best?

So, before you embark on a trip down to the strip mall or local furniture store to choose cabinetry that has been created, shipped, and sold within a week, take a second and think about this investment. Wouldn’t it be a wiser decision to invest in real hand crafted cabinetry that will last for many decades and can be passed down to your descendants? The cabinetry will certainly outlast anything you could find at a local showroom in or around Ramsey.

We employ only the most highly skilled cabinetmakers who have been extensively trained and have years of experience in the true art of cabinetry for new construction and remodeling projects in Ramsey. We have helped our many customers with their cabinet needs throughout the decades, regardless if they have been finishing basements, remodeling homes and offices, or need cabinets for any other type of use. The custom work that is in our portfolio is bountiful, including hutches, entertainment centers, bars, vanities, bookcases, etc.

When we meet with you, we will sit down with you to discuss the particular plans and layouts that we have found to be the most effective and efficient in our experience. We will stay within your target budget and will not sell you anything that doesn’t adhere within the scope of the project.

Contact the design experts at Danner’s Cabinet Shop today at 763 753-4002. We will schedule an appointment with you and come out to your home in Ramsey to help you work through the design process. We will then generate a computer drawing for you to sign off on and then get started on the project so you can enjoy your brand new cabinetry.

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