Selecting Hinges For Custom Cabinets & Kitchen Cabinets

The final step in designing your new custom cabinets or kitchen cabinets is the selection of cabinet hinges and cabinet hardware. At Danner’s Cabinet Shop we are proud to deal with the most reputable makers and suppliers of cabinet hinges and cabinet hardware, allowing us to offer you an incredible selection of cabinet hinge styles and finishes that will put the perfect finishing touch on your new custom cabinets or kitchen cabinets.

The Wide Variety of Custom Cabinet Hinges and Cabinet Hardware

From overlay hinges, inset hinges, concealed hinges, and double demountable hinges to variable overlay hinges, reverse bevel hinges and continuous piano hinges – we have them all and more, in styles and finishes guaranteed to compliment the design and décor of your new custom cabinets.

The Cabinet Hinge Selection Process Narrows

With such a wide and varied selection of cabinet hinges for custom cabinets and kitchen cabinets, the process might at first, seem a bit overwhelming. However, at this point you have already selected a cabinet frame and cabinet doors for your custom cabinets or kitchen cabinets and that helps focus the cabinet hinges selection process.

1. Frameless Custom Cabinets and Kitchen Cabinets do not have a frame, so the doors must be attached directly to the cabinet box. This requires you to select doors that match the cabinet box, and the doors you select will determine the types and styles of hinges you have to choose from.

  • Full Overlay Doors cover the cabinet box completely and need a hinge that is concealed or hidden, such as a European hinge.
  • Half Overlay Doors do not totally cover the edge of the cabinet box and usually call for a European Overlay hinge.
  • Inset Doors are mounted inside the cabinet box and flush with the edge. This style of door can use a European hinge.

2. Face-Frame Custom Cabinets and Kitchen Cabinets have a frame on the cabinet box and the door must be attached to that frame.

  • Overlay Doors can cover this frame completely or partially, whichever you prefer, and allow you to choose a European Overlay hinge, Knuckle hinge, or Knife hinge, depending on how much of the frame the door covers.
  • 3/8” Inset Doors partially cover the frame and have a small recess cut into the end of the cabinet doors which creates a type of joint with the edge of the cabinet frame and calls us a specific type of hinge.
  • Flush Doors are just that – flush with the surface of the frame. Flush Doors permit the use of an H-style hinge, a Butterfly hinge, or a semi wraparound hinge.

Whatever your custom cabinet or kitchen cabinet needs or preferences might be, the skilled and professional cabinetmakers at Danner’s Cabinet Shop can design, build and install it to your exact specifications. We would enjoy showing you examples of work we have done over the past forty years, and consult with about the project you have in mind.